Been on the regimen for 10 months and my skin is still peeling and dry

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Hey guys
 so i've been using the regimen now for 10 months and my skin definitely has gotten better acne wise even thought i still do get some pimples that scar sometimes  but its better than it was at the beginning. 

My issue is my skin texture, its still dry peeling and flaky just like the first few months of using this treatment. I've tried to lower bp, use jojoba oil to get rid of peeling skin, I've used so much moisturizer, i started using cerave moisturizer as well as the one and jojoba oil together because my skin was so bad, i use aha+ regularly. but i don't think it helps because its not really dong much.
Should i start just using bp at night?

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Hi bbaye, 

I'm sorry to hear about  your skin. We would recommend that you try to incorporate the AHA+ to The Regimen. 

The AHA+ will speed up the natural skin renewal process on a cellular level causing your skin to heal and replenish faster. This will help with skin renew faster than it can flake off. The AHA+ will also help to fade any dark marks left behind from past breakouts.


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Have a nice day! 

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