No idea what these white spots/bumps are. Went to 3 derms, they don't know either. Breaking down.

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Hey everyone.

I have had white spots on my face for about 5 years now, I think.

When they first started I didn't think much of it, I think they were mainly on my chin, then some on the right side of my nose.

The ones on my chin are basically what my face is now, I don't remember my face without them.

And I tried for the longest time to not care about them. I've had acne before, not too crazy but stubborn acne. I've never played with them. Never popped them. I never tried to craft some home remedy I wasn't sure about. I just let them be. And I tried to do the same with these white spots for some years now. But It's getting worse and worse. When I squeeze my cheeks, or the place between my brows, or my chin with my hands, there appears even more of them, that I previously couldn'T without squeezing.

I went to three dermatologists, one of them said it might e past acne scar, one of them said they might be fat glands, and the last one said he didn't know, and gave me "acnelyse" which sheds skin and "sivex" which is a protective lotion I believe.

I'm going to include some old photos and the ones I just took with the phone's flashlight, zoomed in.

 1.png.b9d35a9ebde01aa33c807800d037d89c.png This one is from June 2016. I know it's low res but the sun makes the spots better visible, as if they already werent.

2.png.b516d60269da5b59e5689bad7fa753d2.png September 2016. Obvious raise in chin & right side of nose.

3.thumb.png.cff1dc9c1f06b49f63d0266a69736282.pngOctober 2016. Low res again.

Now for the photos I just took.
3.jpg.01fde265eb08fba4cf8294d22244a889.jpg Left side of my nose. Note that when my skin is stretched, these spots aren't visible, they don'T even leave a trace when I stretch the skin. they just dissappear. So it's not like acne where it would be more visible when you stretch the skin.

4.thumb.jpg.27a2d02b5a40369824df8af13389e11c.jpgLeft side 2.

5.thumb.jpg.56a8c87d583e609429e85ce869db625a.jpgMy nose also has 3-4 bumps, one of them is very visible, right on the upper side of the mini mole on my nose.

6.jpg.dd930db3692090343cf90c9e249c4195.jpgSqueezing my cheek. Left side acne & spots. Many on the chin also visible.

7.thumb.jpg.6136921ddf64ff6acc490a00a6dfcdd6.jpgRight side again. this is where it's worst. Left side photos look worse but right side is actually much much worse irl.

8.thumb.jpg.f306cf58052a8408d55a1d3ce48be9f6.jpgChin. Flash makes them look less by destroying the shadows but they're still visible.

9.thumb.jpg.a19f409d82f0918b61df05dc17d1777d.jpgLast one, squeezing my chin.

I'm a 21 yo male. I've tried the "acnelyse" the third derm gave me and it doesnt seem to do much.

Maybe it's my mood bur they definitely feel worse on some days and better on some days. So maybe it's an allergy of some kind?

I smoke but thse started long before I started smoking.

Only thread I've found with almost the exact spot photos is this:

Some users say they have the same thing but when I search their post history, I find photos that are nothing like mine. Mine have never been red, always whiter. They don't burn or itch, they're just there. They're not squeezable, they're like a part of the skin.

My first phost here. I don't know if I've done something wrong. thanks in advance.

If you're going to recommend a doctor, I live in Turkey.

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This could be a number of things. Goto a dermatologist please. I can not determine. Perhaps get a skin biopsy of one. Could be over production of oil, small cysts, fungal infection, shingles, plaques, hypopigmented (loss of pigment) hypotrophic scarring, vitiligo, sebaceous hyperplasia, or warts .

Again insist a dermatologist does a biopsy one one of them.

@Obi wan What do you think on this case?

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6. PUNCH GRAFTING & EXCISION                                                                        13.

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 Possibly macro or submarine comedones, best visualised if you push your tongue down to your lower lip. If they are, a 1 mm spot laser with CO2 or erbium will drill down. If they are not cysts, then they are pebblestone hypertrophic scars- easily missed by many dermatologists. They are treated with fraction lasers or microneedling devices with steroid occlusion. An acne scar specialist can diagnose then treat you. Either way, they can be markedly improved with the correct treatment. All the best. 
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Thanks for the replies. although I couldn't find much online about the "pebblestone hypertrophic scars"

All of these simply go away when the part of the skin they're on is stretched, like pushing down on my chin skin with my tongue. My skin becomes flat, smooth. As if they are some excess skin and find nowhere to go when non-stretched.

By the way, for future readers of this post, just to update; I changed my pillow,threw the old one away. And I sent my
dna to a food allergy test center. Awaiting results for both.

Onto another dermatologist.

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Make sure you see one that mainly does acne scars.... dermatologist see everything from groin rashes, moles, fungus, hair loss, nail problems, itchy genitals, birthmarks, skin cancer, allergies, hives,STDs, Warts, nappy rashes and anything in between. Do your research... chances are, if you see someone who mainly does scars, the diagnosis and treatment will be super easy, ... to the point of 'this is my third case today' ....rather than... eeeer...' Im not too sure.... '
May the force be with you. 

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I have the same bumps on my chin and am pretty sure it’s sebaceous hyperplasia. Not too many derms seem very knowledgeable about the condition and there’s not much I’ve read about that can get rid of them permanently. Low dose acccutane and cauterization only seem to help for a little bit and they come back. Sucks. 

Morning: Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin
Biore Watery Gel Sunscreen

Night: Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin
Alternate between Curology .25% Zinc Pyrithione/1% Clindamycin/8% Azaleic Acid formula and .36 Tretinoin/5% Vitamin C/4% Niacinamide formula

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I don't know if mine is the same as yours but I had raised pebblestone scars like someone else mentioned, they were skin colored - went to a plastic surgeon and had co2 laser and he f*cked my skin up - bumps remain without pigment now. Went to a Derm and she suggested punch excision (she thought they were milia which I knew they weren't and she tried extracting it and nothing came out). So I'm supposed to be on retinol to "prep my skin..havent started it yet but I'm wary on whether it'll work. It's so frustrating. 

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I think they might be the same actually, sounds similiar.

I learned I have intolerance to: coffee beans, sesame seeds, potatoes and baking powder, I cut these from my diet.

Latest derm said I should try a less-acidic diet. She prescribed retinoic acid like yours. She also said if I want treatment(probably stuff like chemical peeling) I should definitely wait until summers over because of the sun.

I dont know if the spots are diminishing or multiplying. 

I also can't understand how dermatologists can be so clueless. ugh

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