My accutane journey PLEASE PRAY I GET NO IB!!!!

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Hi all,

30 years old
221 lbs 5"10 male
20mgs daily of isotretinoin (accutane)

today marks the first day of my accutane journey. My doc is starting me off on a low dose (20mgs a day) and i will be on it for 4 weeks, after that she may raise it or keep me the same.

This past Saturday, i stopped taking Minocycline (been on it for 9 months) and I am still afraid of breaking out for stopping the mino, but my derm told me if I do experience a breakout, then she will prescribe me septra or prednisone.
I am extremely hopeful and going to try and stay positive throughout this entire process, but I am slowly making myself aware that these next 6-8 months might be the worst of my life. I am doing this for myself, my mental state (acne has taken a toll on me mentally even tho i have dealt with it for 15 years different levels of severity), and for my 2 beautiful children (my son Elijah 8 and daughter Aaliyah 4)

i swear I dont fear ANYTHING else except breaking out. Being on antibiotics for almost 2 years (mino and doxy) and every time i either lower the dosage or stop cold turkey, i break out like crazy  and it does a toll on you mentally. So I am just going to say screw everything else and go head first into Accutane and hopefully I will not have to deal with acne or any breakouts after i finish my treatment.

i have already bought Dr. Dans cortibalm (for dry lips), I have cetaphil moisturizing lotion, and since i do already experience eczema I am going to buy an Aveeno lotion for my hands and arms.

I am more than happy to hear from ANYONE about tips and tricks or whatever to make the journey easier. 

good luck to everyone else who is also on this journey!!

One thing i will say is that antibiotics freaking SUCK!!! I should of just went on Accutane 2 years ago instead of freaking antibiotics lol.

so far after taking my first pill, I am experiencing an upset stomach....i had to go to the bathroom and had like diarrea (ew lol) ...other than that, I actually feel better mentally and more calm.

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Day 2 -

well I took my 2nd pill while eating some romaine lettuce, 2 pieces of "natural chicken" from kroger and a small avocado and today i didnt get an upset stomach after taking the pill so thats a positive.

I have been experiencing some hair loss from i believe either my eye lashes or my eyebrows (might be due to stress and/or anxiety from my acne and from taking minocycline, but i think it is because i have been freaking out alot lately due to being so afraid of getting a break out). I have been noticing it for the past couple of months and last night i woke up to about 5 or 6 pieces of hair and that has never happened before. I usually only see maybe 1 or 2, but when i woke this morning it was worse than usual. I have been extremely stressed lately due to starting accutane so I hope it is just that and not because of the minocycline. I have read that hair loss can continue even after stopping the medicine, but I have never been so stressed out in my life like I am now so i am attributing it to that.

I get to pick up my kids tomorrow and will spend time with them until they go back to their mom next Tuesday (single Dad here ) and it is my beautiful daughters bday on the 16th of this month, so I am going to do something special for her this weekend and try my hardest not to worry about acne and just enjoy the nice weather this weekend.

I hope everyone who reads this is having a good day today and I would kindly like to say FUCK ACNE!

on another note, there is an Acne Vaccine that is in the early stages of testing and if everything is successful, it will supposedly be available in about 2 years at the least. I pray it does come out and it does find alot of success, so that if my children ever develop acne (God please dont let them go thru this) they will have a cure for them! I just wished that shit was out now so I wouldnt have to start accutane lol, but that is life...

have a good day/night yall!!

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I just took these pics in pretty bad lighting lol, but I dont have ALOT of active acne spots...about 4 or 5 all over my face and in the neck area, but so far it has been 1 week and a day of stopping minocycline cold turkey and usually when I lowered the dosage I broke out really bad in a weeks time, but when I was on doxy a year and a half ago, I stopped cold turkey and broke out BIG TIME in a month, so I am praying that either the 10% benzoyl peroxide acne wash I am using is either controlling the minocycline break out or the accutane has already kicked in.

Since I have had acne for over 15 years (and im a popper), I have issues with scarring...but honestly, the scarring truly didnt start happening until I started using Retin-A Micro a year and a half ago. I used to be a popper all my acne years but scarring wasnt an issue until I started going to the freaking derms to try and rid of my acne and started applying all those damn creams they prescribed. Epiduo wasnt TOO bad, but retin A micro was the worst in regards to scarring, but each time i broke out from lowering dosage or stopping antibiotics cold turkey, the break outs would be the scarring inflamed type and this is what I fear the most now.

My skin is still oily so that is why I still use the panoxyl 10% acne wash morning and night and I dont care what anyone says, I am still going to keep using it until my skin tells me otherwise. Its a wash you keep on the face for only a minute while showering so its not like BP you keep on your face all day.

I recently switched from Cetaphil moisturizing cream to an Oil Free Neutrogena Acne moisturizer and it seems like it is helping and not breaking me out like cetaphil was. I felt like the cetaphil cream was breaking me out, but it really moisturized my skin very well. The neutrogena one seems to be less moisturizing than cetaphil, but it doesnt seem to be breaking me out so it will do for now until my skin starts to dry up on my face - I may have to find a different one for dry skin instead of for oily skin.

today was day 6 on the 20mg pill and so far I have not really noticed or felt any side effects. My lips may be slightly more dryer than usual, but other than that nada.

Today is the sixers vs heat NBA game and Im rooting for the sixers to win so they can be 2-0 in the series!

have a good night y'all :-) Edited by Ludadubz

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13 hours ago, Tommypoo said:

I'm on Accutane too, good luck! 


i hate having to go this route, but if two derms told me to do it then fuck it Im gonna do it. Im just gonna keep on with a low dose though and fight tooth and nail for my derm to keep it at 20mg. How long habe you been on accutane @Tommypoo
8 hours ago, jPablo said:

Everything is looking good ma dude. Hopefully accutane kills the acne for good 

Yea man, hopefully! I got my fingers crossed lol

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