What % of improvement did you get with subcsision ?

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depending on severity and area of scar. Lim said that one subcision can make 25 %. My surgeon said that sibcison + filler can give 10-15 percent. Results always are different. 

sorry for my bad english

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Absolutely, Lim just quoted the original articles to give realistic expectations. If you have significant anchored and tethered scars, Lim, Chu, Novick would approach these with subcision- Nokor if bad. Lim is noted to be a laser dermatologist with all lasers ranging from Fraxel, Hybrid laser, Ultrapulse, Infini, Intensif  and countless devices, this guy prefers manual subscision for appropriate scar types. I think matching scar type to the scar revision modality is the key. Lim is noted to explain the ' trade secrets' in his videos on YT and his website, however I think Chu is the master, and Lim is still an apprentice. Would be great to see Chu's B and A and his methods as well as Novick's results. Lim is still a junior and learned from Chu and others, so I would not rate him in the company of others, he just explains the way it is... does not mean he is best at subcision. "Under promise, but over deliver ' trade secrets in one of David ?Davin Lim's vids . IMO he's overconfident .... even though 80% of his work is acne scar revision does not make him the best ... but credit to him to acknowledgment of his limitations. 

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Frenchscar I have spent time responding to multiple PM's (trying to help you) both publicly on the forums and email stating you will not get 50% improvement off "one" subcision, I see your asking again hoping for a different answer.   We can wish for something to happen but this is not the reality and known clinical experience of the treatment. No one of anything is going to give you 50% unless you have the most superficial and light scarring.  If you believe you will get 50% I can't change your mind, you must experience it yourself. 

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