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Need Help! Suggestions for boxcar/rolling scars

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I've suffered from acne 3-4 years ago and would pick at my face a lot. Now, I believe I have scars of some type. I've heard that TCA peels and either a derma pen or derma roller would also help? I'm currently looking for a good routine that will reduce the poor complexion of my skin. Any suggestions would do well! Thank you for your time. 



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These are textural surface icpicks and box cars. I would do TCA cross on then pits / icepicks and also so tca spot peels on your cheeks.  For how to goto the faq - top of acne scar sub first post, then tca peels, and all things peels or get them done by a med spa / dermatologist. 

If you have any scars deeper than a pencil eraser deep you need  a few treatments of Nokor Subcision. 

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 :smileys_n_people_116: CLICKABLE LINK: OFFICIAL ACNE SCAR SOLUTIONS; Q&A / FAQ :smileys_n_people_108:
1. SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT THREADS                                                                 7. HYPERTROPHIC / KELOID (RAISED SCARS)
2. WHAT IS ACNE & PREVENTING SCARS                                                              8. SUBCISION
3. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCARRING                                                                      
4. TREATING SCARS AT HOME                                                                              10. LASER
5. SKIN: RED (PIE) BROWN (PIH), WHITE MARKS,                                               11. MICRONEEDLING
     TEXTURE, LARGE PORES,  DRYNESS, & COVERING UP SCARS                    12. TCA CROSS FOR ICEPICK SCARS & ACID PEELS                       
6. PUNCH GRAFTING & EXCISION                                                                        13.

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