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Supplements Clearing Acne...

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I've been taking supplements for weightlifting and in the past have noticed minor improvements in my skin while I was taking creatine. However, I recently switched to some different products and started using them more regularly and have noticed significant improvements in my skin clarity. Also, I am eating grilled chicken on every occasion and drinking pomegranete juice when I'm not having a creatine or protein shake. Are the supplements helping at all or could it just be the only chicken and juice diet.

Current Supplements:

Twinlab Creatine Nitrate Fuel

Twinlab PM Pro Fuel

NO2 Hemodilator


GNC Mega Men General Vitamin

Also, I still have redness and scarring from past acne breakouts, my mom was telling me taking Vitamin E would solve this as it did for her. Is this a good suggestion or should I try something different?

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There's probably no correlation between the diet and the acne -- it's either the stress relief of being so active or a mental success that's helped you.

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