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Don't know if anyone can offer some advice...
i have been suffering with acne for a good 2/3 years and am now 20. It was a lot worse before until I decided to cut sugar out my diet (artificial sugar) and don't eat any processed food (takeaways and canned or ready meals).

i wash my face twice a day and use tea tree products aswell as a strong 10% benzoyl perexide cream at night. And moisturise but must admit not really exfoliating often. I also take antibiotics given to me by my GP.

I still break out and my skin is by no means clear and I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. My advise?

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Welcome to the forums! 

I'm the exact same way with sugars, my skin tends to react when I go overboard with them. I think otherwise you could try a milder percentage of benzoyl peroxide, 2.5% is proven to be as effective at reducing acne as 10% but it is less irritating to the skin.  Washing your face morning and night is good, and applying a gentle oil-free moisturizer is good too. One of the things that helped the most for me was being super gentle with my skin with everything... from pat drying it, to putting on moisturizer/washing it with a feather light touch. The less external irritation you put on your skin the less chance for breakouts you will have, I find exfoliation is hard on my skin too, I tend to avoid it.

Besides that I really like using hydrocolloid bandages for any whiteheads and I suggest you follow up with your GP if you dont find the antibiotics helpful. 

All the best! 

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I've been given Skinoren now which is 20% Azelaic Acid, don't know if you've ever used this? I used benzoyl peroxide for over 12 months and didn't see the results I wanted at all. And I've started exfoliating which I never really did before. Only thing is I've been used this new Skinoren for around a week and started breaking out - I've had 6/7 new whiteheads in the normal places.

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