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I've seen a topic here that was discussing a guy from Singapore who was dermarolling every 5 days, even had his own dermaroller brand and allegedly he had really good results over four months but I can't find anything about him only a bad quality youtube video, the guy's website is shut down too and I can't contact anyone from the topic to ask if it worked for them. I dermarolled 6 times in 6 weeks now, pretty aggressively and sometimes I feel like it works and sometimes doesn't. I desperately want know if anyone tried it and had any results or what worked for them, because I had 4 fraxel laser treatments earlier this year but it didn't help anything and I'm really thinking about giving up on everything cause I just can't accept it.

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@ChiefEgret Seems pretty fake to me personally. Rolling 6 times in a week one would damage more collagen than it creates because collagen takes months to build. There is no healing period. Secondly the microswelling would make things look better but really not repair anything. If you constantly swell then you never see your scars as much. Again it seems kinda bogus this treatment and push for microneedling. Many people out there have websites that are fake with voodoo cures and potions for acne scars and have no idea what they are talking about. His website is gone because most likely he was shut down for his operation to sell and promote things. That being said microneedling can be good for collagen production, but it will not cure scars, you need also acid peels, or subcision, or Cross acid peels for icepicks. 

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2016-12-08_052802.jpg :smileys_n_people_116: CLICKABLE LINK: OFFICIAL ACNE SCAR SOLUTIONS; Q&A / FAQ :smileys_n_people_108:
1. SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT THREADS                                                                 7. HYPERTROPHIC / KELOID (RAISED SCARS)
2. WHAT IS ACNE & PREVENTING SCARS                                                              8. SUBCISION
3. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCARRING                                                                      
4. TREATING SCARS AT HOME                                                                              10. LASER
5. SKIN: RED (PIE) BROWN (PIH), WHITE MARKS,                                               11. MICRONEEDLING
     TEXTURE, LARGE PORES,  DRYNESS, & COVERING UP SCARS                    12. TCA CROSS FOR ICEPICK SCARS & ACID PEELS                       
6. PUNCH GRAFTING & EXCISION                                                                        13.

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If you read you will find these lengths are only good for topical penetration,aids absorbtion and penetrationnof topicals.

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