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hyperpigmentation? what..and how?

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hello children, i have stuggled with acne for what seems like an eternity,all i can hope is that i eventually grow out of it and its reprocussions, but things are getting to tough for me to just let them go, does anyone have information on discoloration of skin tones, espeically fairskin.. onmy face i havea couple scars from pickingat zits , not noticable indents, but redness whch seems to be permanent and frightens me...ive just recently learned how to control my back acne with Dove Sensative skin saop and 10% benzo cream at night..and the discoloration on my back is very minimal, i gues cuz the skin is so thick there?..but not too long ago i ended up using nair to remove unwanted hair from the buttocks, avery small amount at that, but i seem to be a perfectionist and unfortunately live by some outlandish standards,...the hair on my butt was removed but after a couple of days i ended up getting what would seem like razor burn even though no razors were involved, and the zits..which never occured before are now appearing and leaving marks on my butt, and since my butt rarely goes tanning, my skin is very pale and they stand out very much, is there anythng that can be done to get rid of these scars..they are very noticeable and my whole butt is now covered in discoloed red-dark-pink-and brown spots...what can be done in a situation lke this...will i grow out of this being 17 ...what about my face..what happens with age, are my scars going to fade, or are they just going to collect as i get older..and become more and more noticeable?...i really feel set apart being a perfectionist, i have the greatest gf in the world and i wnat her to have a bf whos nothing less than perfect, an abercrombie model even? ..i just want to get rid of these imperfections, but i just dont know how to go about it, im wiling to do what it takes. if i cant ...i dont know what'l happen...i already have some sort of disorder where im obsessed with my less than perfect skin...i dont know what ill do..

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