Not on the regimen, wouldAHA+ work for me?

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Hello guys, I used to be an active member on this forum years ago, but ever since I took Accutane for 6 months during high school my skin has been manageable. Now I use Neutrogena oil free acne wash and it works great. The only problem I have (as you can see from the pics) is that taking Accutane left behind some scars that I'm trying to get rid of if possible. I've had them since I ended treatment around early 2011. I've tried some products in the regimen in the past when my acne was worse including he benzoyle peroxide treatment and jojoba oil, but never the AHA+ and I've always even curious about it. Based on my pics below, do you think it would make a noticeable difference? And how much should I buy for first time? Thanks guys!!!




STARTED Accutane July 20, 2010!!!
STOPPED Accutane January 15, 2011!!!
Brand: Amnesteem
Month 1: 40 mg a day
Month 2: 80 mg a day
Month 3: 80 mg a day
Month 4: 80 mg a day
Month 5: 80 mg a day
Month 6 (Last Month): 80 mg a day
Current status of face: Mild Acne

Regimen -

Neutrogena - Oil Free Acne Wash Redness Relief

Cerave Moisturizer - AM

Cerave Moisturizer - PM

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Hi Paparazzi25, 

The Regimen products are effective when used in combination with one another. To get clear you absolutely must use all three Regimen products including:

1. The Cleanser 
2. The Treatment
3. The Moisturizer 

The Regimen products are clinically proven and they will work to clear your acne. Make sure of two things:

1. You are using only Regimen products on your face and nothing else.
2. You are using the Regimen products exactly as directed. 

If you do both 1 and 2 you will have completely clear, radiant healthy looking skin. Guaranteed.

Need help with's policies, products and services?

Contact us at

Have a nice day! 

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