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I'll try the vinegar method now...

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I started to use BP (5%) on my back and chest about 1 ½ weeks ago, and it got better every day. Two days ago my back was almost clear, but now I have another outbreak because I got my period. It’s almost as bad as before, and I’m really depressed. I just read the “vinegar & lemon� thread, and today I decided to try that too… In the morning I washed my back and chest with diluted apple vinegar (1:3 or something like that), and then applied the BP 5%. My skin got really red on my back because it was already dried out by the BP. By now (2 hours later) the redness is gone, the skin is not irritated anymore but still very, very dry (lots of little wrinkles). I’ll see what happens to the spots and red scars, I really hope that it helps…

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