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Do certain foods make you break out?

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I am not a big fan of the food causes acne theories, especially when they involve severe dietary restrictions, or encourage people to imitate the diets of cavemen, as cavemen were really short and wiped their butts with their hands. That said, I must concede that I can - consistently - give myself cyctic acnes by drinking soda on several consecutive days. The same is true for chocolate. I am sure it is not a sugar issue per say, as I drink a large vanilla milkshake almost every day, and it does not give me acne. Perhaps it is a corn syrup issue, as I tend to get my milkshakes at Ben and Jerry’s, and I suspect they do not use corn syrup in their ice cream. In the end I don’t know, and I am content to get results with what I do know.

Water and apples do seem to help my skin a bit, as do other raw fruits and vegetables.

Exercise helps too, and I walk to and from work (1hr and 20min total) and do moderate weight training.

Right now my skin is perfect, thanks in part to not eating two things (soda, chocolate), and thanks in part to Dan’s Regimen. The regimen is an excellent acne treatment method and I recommend it. But I would go on to say that some reasonable attempt at good health and diet goes a long way, too. I think sometimes that certain people want to find an acne cure that will allow them to have great skin even as they exercise bad health habits. Only for the very rare animal is such a situation possible - drugs or no.

People generally do a disservice to acne sufferers when they say “Diet does not effect acne,� because such a statement implies food does not effect health, and of course we know it does. It is also bad, because as acne isolates a person, and as they take less pleasure in the company of others, they tend to lean more heavily on other things that give pleasure. It can be a kind of trap, if the acne sufferer sits home on Friday night watching HBO and eating chocolate sodas.

Also, I think it is reasonable to believe that just because our bodies can draw nourishment from a particular substance, it does not mean that it is good for us.

My point - at long last - is that if you are suffering with acne you will be most effective in treating it when you combine your medical treatment with a sustainable regular effort at good health. For me that means no soda or chocolate. It also means water and an apple a day - among other things.

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