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What`s the deal with back scars?!!!!

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I`m 22 and have had acne for 4 years .

It started on my face and after 2 years I started getting it on my shoulders and back and every single outbrake left scars on My back...they are not red but brown and they show ...My back looks like hell sad.gif ...I can`t wear anything that lets my back show cry.gif .

But the reason I`m asking what`s the deal with back scars is that I started getting outbrakes on my face two years before the first on my back ...and I got to tell you ...some were so bad especially the ones on my chin or close to my nose (Id get the nasty BIG ones under the skin that were hard to touch , warm and they HURT) were so painful at times I could hardly talk ...not to mention one on my chin that was so infected(i did not pick at it) that it broke out on the other side meaning in my mouth!!!! eusa_shifty.gif

That was NASTY but thank God its all gone eusa_pray.gif and hope it will stay that way.

I`m on hormone pills ...they did the trick for me and I now have mild acne and some outbrakes before my periods but that`s it.

The weird but at the same time the most wonderful thing is that NONE ! of the outbrakes I had during these years left a scar on my face...I mean ..its amazing!

Not a single scar on my face and yet my back looks all spotted .

Anyone know why that is?!!!!

I`m guessing its because the back is more fatty than the face and I know the healing got all to do with the way the blood reaches the spot so could it be that ?

And how do I make them go away ?

I tryed scrubbing but that does not do much ...the pigmentation is deep eusa_wall.gif

Any ideas?

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The skin on the back is much thicker on than on the back, and received less circulation than the face.

I have a similar situation to you, except the other way around. I got acne on my back then face 2-3 years later. I sometimes got cystic acne, but mostly just regular whiteheads. My back cleared up for about a year, and it took more than that to heal all the hyperpigmentation, the red and brown spots. At the time I think I was regularly eating yoghurt, I think that might've helped. I was also doing daily cardio in the form of running and resistance training 3-5 times a week. I also did about 40 different drugs at the time, there are a number of ways they could've improved or worsened the condition. I think when I consumed a lot of protein shakes, with branch chain amino acids and consumed a lot of methamphetamine it improved my marks because of the synthesis of extra neurotransmitters from the BCAAs, in particular I found when the re-uptake of dopamine was blocked the skin healed better. Anyway I wouldn't recommend any use of recreational drugs because it could make things worse.

At that time I also used a lot of BP and tea tree oil on my back which only helped marginally, I spent well over $1000 on topicals for the back only. I also used a neutrogena cleanser, but like the topicals they gave little relief. I used some skin bleaching solutions, ones with kojic acid and hyrdoquinone helped I think. The marks still took a very long period of time to heal, unfortanately this was the time I finished school and went up the coast for two weeks, and the acne returned a few weeks before I went. Since then it went away then came back and I bought this $35 chinese herb solution, it had a strong odour. Anyway that helped clear the acne I had on my back at the time. Sometime after that I started getting acne on my face. Basically it comes and goes on the back and the only time in the last four years where there haven't been many marks was a short time 2 years ago. I'd like to try an EPSOM salts bath, but I don't have a bath tub.

I don't get much regular acne on my back, just enough to make it look terrible. The marks take forever to fade. The last few years I've focused on a more holistic approach and it's been a lot more effective that any topicals were. To me it just doesn't make sense to apply skin to the acne, rather to cure what is causing it to happen. It just wasn't practical lathering on expensive creams all over my body.

I'd like to get this condition under control, I haven't been to the beach or the pool in years. I used to swim competitively, maybe all those years of chlorine adversely affected my skin. With acne on my back I continued to expose myself to people, but not in the last two years.

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I have some mild/moderate acne on my back (maybe its more like mild) but its improved since using Neutrogena SA body scrub (i like it a lot)... but like you i have tons of brown marks from past breakouts. I am trying to lighten them by using some MaMa Lotion (Malic and mandelic) and i do it like once a week or so... not a lot.

I would try some kind of skin lightening lotion or whatever. I have maybe applied Mama lotion about 4 times now and it helps exfoliate too... i think if i do it once a week for another 3 months i will see more results.

There are body washes out there that have mandelic acid in it. Maybe u can search for that on the net... but beware, it has algae in it and can cause breakouts.

30 mg Claravis (started May 26 2011) 1st month

40 mg Amnesteen (2nd month)

Aquaphor for lips (or blistex)

Cetaphil wash (the kind you do not need water for) <3

Eucerin Q10 anti wrinkle lotion (plus a drop of emu oil) and aloe gel mixed together

Bare esscentuals mineral makeup or No7 liquid makeup (the long wearing kind)

Any other older members on accutane please send me a message!

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