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hey, just letting you know what works for my back and chestne, which would be probably be classes as moderate. On my back Dans bp twice a day does the trick, if it werent for his gel i could never afford to bp such a big area, works brilliantly, really easy to rub in and you can use as much as you like beacuse its so economical. On the chest the bp didnt seem to cut it, so i got panoxyl 5% gel bp, this works great, apply it once a day. What id say to anyone with acne on their body is try dans bp twice a day, give it a while to take effect, if there is little or no improvement use a stronger bp like a 5 or 10%, try using it once a day and if this still doesnt cut it then twice a day. Salicylic acid washes on anything other than the mildest body acne are a waste of time in my opinion, and id avoid going on antibiotics, accutane until you have actually tried the bp option and given it time. The other thing is it is very easy to break the salicylic acid routine, whether you have to shower once or twice a day, sometimes you just dont need to or arent bothered, youd prefer to hop into bed immediately at night or youd prefer the extra 15 mins in bed in the morning, and id say if there was any chance of sa working youd have to be persistant and determined with it 100% which would take alot of effort, good luck... biggrin.gif

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