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Is there a non-topical cure?

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I have never known anyone with my particular problem. My acne isn't red or inflamed, it just is little, hard bumps filled with sebum (yes, I do pick at it sometimes) all over! Arms, legs, butt, stomach, chest, neck, face, everywhere except my inner thighs, inner arms, hands, feet, and scalp. A topical solution is not the answer unless I use dip.

Clearly this is a genetic thing because my father had it and my daughter (11) is getting it. Anyone else got this? What do you do?

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I don't really recommend it, but maybe accutane or B5 vitamin could help reduce the sebum which may reduce the appearance of the hard sebum bumps.

Have you consulted a dermatologist?


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I haven't heard of such a condition. But it reminds me of keratosis pilaris - the rough clogged pores people get on the back of their arms. It also sounds like Milia - tho I thought those were usually restricted to the face.

The standard treatments for KP are topical usually strong ahas or bhas. In theory bhas should be more effective as they are lipid soluble and able to enter the pore more effectively than ahas. Here is a link to the dermstore product range...

Non topical treatments which may have some effect are accutane. I doubt oral antibiotics would help since there is no bacteria present in non inflammed clogged pores. But depending on where you live you may be able to get topicals at a discounted rate through you derm.

Anyway I am just guessing - you need a professional diagnosis if you haven't got one already.

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I don't have this, but what did your dermatologist diagnose it as? Like Frances, I'm tempted to say Keratosis Pilaris but that may be incorrect

Yet, it could also be some sort of rash. Candida comes to mind as well as maybe some rash due to a food allergy.

If it's candida, you've gotta go on a really strict diet avoiding sugars, and certain carbohydrates in order to starve the yeast. If it's just an allergy or intolerance, then all you have to do is avoid that particular food (group). If you read around some, you'll find several of us that managed to vastly improve or even cure our acneic condition (& assoc. health/hormonal problems) by altering our diet. Some of the most common allergens that some of us had to give up was Dairy, Wheat/Gluten, and some people even nuts. I was reading the Keratosis board and it seems that the same goes for this condition too. One thought is that you may want to give up Trans Fats. Personally this contributes to my dandruff and it enlarges my pores, & unwanted hair growth, so it MAY even manage to clog pores for those susceptible.

I'm sure there's supplements, I read something on Vitamin A deficiency, but as the most common external treatments are exfoilants, you would want to use supplements that would encourage exfoilation as well. Those would be Selenium, NAC, Pycnogenol, Folic Acid, actually most B vitamins...I'm sure there's more but I'm getting a bit sleepy. Anyway, does any of the above sound like you?


P.S. There's also anti-inflammatories such boswellic acid (internal or external) that may also help.

These are not steps, but stages some people progress through when going from conventional to holistic medicine. Stage 2 is how I became 99%+ Clear, eliminated my dysmennorhea, significantly reduced my sebum & pore size, etc & is my predominant method.

Stage 1 (Treatment):

* (Daily) Isocare Skin Control Cleanser, Dream Products Customized Natural Face Lotion & Coppertone Sport Spray Sunscreen (mixed)

* (Sporadically) spot treat w/ anti-inflammatory (neosporin, hydrocortisone, salicylic acid) or a skin lightener (post-inflammatory pigmentation) to treat stubborn cystic/nodular acne that appears due to unknowingly or knowingly ingesting a food/ingredient that breaks me out (I do my best to avoid these foods). If you cover treated area w/ a bandaid, it makes product more effective.

Stage 2 (Prevention): "cheapest" method ~ Since Aug. 2002

* Follow a Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Dairy-Free and No Added Sugar diet for my Insulin Resistance/Hyperandrogenism (Silent Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome)

* Avoid ALL types of nuts and the Genus Prunus (almonds, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries), Bananas, Pineapples, Cottonseed oil, Artificial Sweetners.

Stage 3 (Correction):

* Strengthen/Repair GI - Immune health


* Developing functional foods for those with acne & other special needs (assuming there's a defficiency).

* Developing good & "safe" formulas for various hormonal issues for women. Correction stage may resolve this for some.

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