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What Is The Best Way To Decrease Rolling And Icepick Scars?

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I'm turning 18 soon. My life has been not too bad, but I've had some pretty bad skin problems in high school. I broke out really bad and went on accutane which left me with scars mostly on my cheeks. I'd say they're not really too bad, definitely noticable though. Icepick and rolling scars.

My dream is to become an actor or a music artist. I'm a very good looking guy besides having scars and a little acne. I've been told if I had flawless skin I'd be able to get any girl I want. But the problem is, it depresses me that I cant have fun and live life to my potential with these skin problems and insecurities. So here's my question:

If I wanted to get my skin to look maybe 50% better within a year or 2, what approach should I take?

I have a few options I'm considering:

1. Vigorous facial massaging with oil

2. Dermaroller

3. Co2 laser

4. Chemical Peel

So what's the BEST treatment possible? (even if its not on that list)

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