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Breakouts Ever Since Summer, Short Story - Need Help

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Excuse me if some of the stuff I say is irrelevant as I am new here and this is my first post.

Ever since I left School last summer I have never experienced such acne in my life. Basically I never broke out on my forehead or cheeks but now I am left with dark spots that will take their time to fade before more acne comes. It's a repeating process.

Proactiv 3 - step system was my go to cleanser and acne treatment for 2-3 years. It did it's job and controlled any pimples that I got but dried my face out a lot. I switched to some Botani 3 step system at the start of summer after my proactiv had run out. This is where everything got ugly. First week of Botani my face turned extremely oily and I started to breakout everywhere. I immediately stopped and was told this was a "purge phase". Now I went back to proactiv a few weeks after the botani disaster but the proactiv did not deliver the same results as it did for those 2 years. My skin was so oily and I just kept breaking out.

3 months later I pick up another cleanser, the Jan Marini Glycolic "best cleanser" ever according to reviews. This did not help me at all and I was still getting them hard sore pimples on my cheeks & forehead that left disgusting scars. So far glycolic acid & benzoyl peroxide were not delivering. So another 3 months later (June 2014)? I picked up the Clarisonic Mia with the deep pore brush & sensitive brush and yet again another cleanser, this time ASAPs GENTLE Cleanser. My face cleared for a week with the deep pore brush but broke out strongly yet again the week after that. Yet again another apparent "Purge phase" came in.

So at the moment I am stuck with a few red pimples & dark spots on my cheeks, jaw line and a few on my forehead. Not too bad as the rest of my face is basically clear. The pimples on my forehead recently just came even after I stopped using the clarisonic and just settled with the gentle cleanser from ASAP.

A lot of things are happening with my life at the moment personally so stress could be a factor? I'm not sure. My diet is healthy I haven't ate junk since May. I also do not tend to leave the house so no sunlight maybe?

Please leave some responses as to how I could possibly treat these pimples and dark spots that are making me feel miserable about myself.

I will send pictures of some of the past acne and present acne that has occurred over 9 months.

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