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Regimen Log 2014

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I have suffered with acne for almost 6 years now and I would class it as moderate to severe.

I am now on week 2 of Dan's regimen and I thought that I should try and keep track of my progress.

My current regimen:

Simple Cleansing Wash

Dan's BP - "2 digits of 2nd finger"

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser

^ Both day and night

Week 1: My skin showed quite a lot of improvement - I noticed that blackheads seemed to become less obvious especially on my cheeks and nose. I got 2 odd whiteheads which cropped up but they disappeared quite quickly.

Week 2: My skin has shown real signs of flakiness, especially when I wake up in the morning - I have tried to combat this with more moisturiser, does anyone know when to expect the flakiness to stop!? And then I have had a really bad breakout, I know Dan said to expect this in week 2 but this has felt like a step back from the first week. I just hope its all the old acne purging out of my skin! So yeah I have broken out on both my cheeks quite badly with a lot of whiteheads and then also on my chin and under my nose.

I am going into week 3 today so I hope that this week will clear up this annoying breakout - haha one can only hope! And I might try upping my BP again to a full finger.

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