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Healing My Gut + Acne Protocol

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If you don't already know about how your skin is connected to your gut (furthermore how your entire health is connected to your gut), go ahead and research it. The human gut is the second most powerful organ (after the brain) and is connected to over 150 diseases. A good person to look up is Chris Kresser. It is not possible to build over your bad gut with healthy diets (such as the Paleo diet) (which i tried to do), it will only keep in the same place, if not make things worse. You must reset your gut and digestion to the way it should be, with cured infections, proper amounts of stomach acid, good bacteria, and digestive enzymes. All natural diets and supplementation are the ways to go about this. And only then will you see success. So in order to cure my gut/acne for good, I have constructed and will go through with a 30+ day gut healing protocol. I will post updates and help others with any questions related to the gut and acne.

If you are on a Paleo diet (as I am) and not seeing full results with acne, and have any other health problems, go to and download their free eBook called 'Paleo Troubleshooting'. It clearly showcases your gut as the reason why and how your body is not functioning like you thought it would be with the Paleo diet. If you are not on the Paleo diet, I strongly recommend it as it is the most nutritious, healthy, and all natural diet known to man. It shouldn't even be considered a diet. Going on this diet will most likely cure the majority of your acne, but not fully due to your gut. Here is a solid read on the Paleo diet and acne:

There are many things to consider with an improper functioning gut, such as gut infections, food sensitivites, and what foods worsen your digestion. These are all things you must come to discover and take care of on your own, as everyone is unique. Although with a completely healthy gut you should be free of most worries, there are still things that will only be a bad influence to your gut, and you must be smart.

You will notice I have used colored sentences. The same colors have corresponding, useful info. Blue = links.

1. Testing & Fixing

You must discover what is wrong with your gut, what makes it worse, and learn how to fix/counter it

I am shortly going to be getting a bunch of lab testing done on me to check for any nutrient deficiencies, gut/intestinal infections, and food sensitivies i have. I will post the results, and how I go about fixing them, below this:

2. Resetting

When your gut is free of problems, or if getting rid of your problems is in part with your resetting (as it is for me).

This is where my gut healing protocol comes into place. I am planning on 30 days to start, and will increase the duration if needed. I will post my protocol with details below this:

Step 1 - Juicing and Fasting:

Juicing and Fasting. (For my lab testing i have to undergo a 12 hour water fast. After that I am going to continue water fasting until I get my appetite back. And then i will only drink raw fruit and vegetable juices along with water and green tea for 3 days or until I receive my supplements.)

Step 2 - Diets and Food Consumption:

Low-FODMAP diet. (Research this if you don't know what it is, but it's basically a diet that eliminates carbs that the body has a hard time digesting. Some people are more sensitive to these than others, but they still can strain your digestion and slow down or worsen healing.)

Paleo diet. (Research this if you don't know what it is, but it's basically the most nourishing, healthiest diet that someone can be on. It gets rid of a ton of food and food products that destroy and worsen your gut.)

Auto-immune diet. (Research if needed, but it's basically a diet where the person eliminates food allergies, such as eggs and nuts.) I am eliminating (for the most part) eggs and nuts. And more foods when i discover what I'm sensitive to, through testing.

Low-insoluble fiber diet. (Chris Kresser says that eating a lot of veggies with more insoluble fiber than soluble fiber will only worsen your digestion and gut if you already have problems. Here's the post:

Lots of fermentable fibers. (Sweet potatoes, squash, yams. These foods feed your good bacteria)

Drinking kefir. (Research more if needed, but kefir is a fermented dairy drink that feeds your good bacteria. The best choice is all natural organic unpasteurized kefir. You can make your own or can be found at almost every top grocer or market.)

Drinking organic cranberry juice. (Cranberry juice is a stomach remedy because it repairs the stomach lining and slows down infections.)

Taking ginger powder. 1/5 tsp a day in water. (Ginger is a stomach remedy.)

Eating habits. (Do not mix protein and starches. Do not overeat, and only eat when you have an appetite. Eat slowly and chew completely. Keep your meals simple, few ingredients. Don't eat within 2 hours of bedtime)

Step 3 - Supplementation:

BioTrust Pro-X10 probiotic. 2 capsules a day with meals. (To restore good bacteria, I am going to be taking a top-notch probiotic I discovered called 'Pro-X10' created by a company named BioTrust Nutrition. They are very reliable and have many good reviews as a company and on their Pro-X10 product and other products. Here's their website: And here's the ProX 10 probiotic info:

Paleologix 3-step system. 3 capsules of each part a day with meals. (This is a 3 part supplement system that restores your gut with everything essentia. such as stomach acid and enzymes and nutrients for your body. This system was created by the Chris Kresser guy i mentioned above and his business partner. They are very outstanding and reliable nutritionists. Here's the link for the site: Click on 'Get the eBook' for a clear understanding of the purpose. And the link for the system:

Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum. 2 capsules a day. (Mastic gum is proven to inhibit and kills H.pylori infections within the stomach.)

Doctor's Best PepZin GL. 2 capsules a day. (Zinc combined with Carnosine is proven to be the best source of zinc to the stomach, and heals your inner intestinal walls quickly. It also inhibits and kills H.pylori infections.)

3. Day by Day Diary

In order to take full control of the protocol, take notes of everything that is important and keep track of changes in your gut and body.

After the first week of my protocol, I will post my day by day diary below this:

Thanks for reading and supporting. If you are interested and/or have any questions or inputs, please comment below. Any and all will be greatly appreciated!

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There's also water kefir. And proper cooking/preparation methods improve digestibility. Such soaking then cooking legumes. sprouting or fermenting.

And mucilagenous plant foods help restore the mucin linings in your gut & elsewhere. Broths made from bones & gelatinous tissues.

Good luck.

Status: Clear after 30 years. Wow, I guess it's been 6 years, now.

[ Story: Severe Acne since I was 10. 10+ years of Dermatologists, Antibiotics, topicals and ACCUTANE did nothing. Discovered oranges triggered the worst of my cystic acne = about 70% improvement. Tried some nutrient supplements like B-complex with zinc and C, saw palmetto and a BHA like the aspirin mask = more improvement, a lot less oily. Then, Diet changes = Clear.

Regimen: Anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense, blood sugar stabilizing diet and supplements (for hormones, inflammation, aging, health). No soap or other cleanser except for hand washing! Water only or Oil cleanse. Aloe Vera mixed with niacinimide and a high linoleic acid oil for moisturizer and reduce pigmentation.

Diet effects acne in so many ways: hormone balance, inflammation, Insulin levels, digestion, allergies and intolerances, liver function, adrenal function, SHBG levels, sebum quality, cell function and turnover, nutrient deficiencies, body fat, etc. Basic advice: Eat, sleep, supplement and exercise like you are a diabetic. And eat real food!

For more information, see my Good Things for Acne thread *Moderator edit - Please refer to the board rules (see “Advertising/soliciting”, “Linking” and “Signatures”)*

When you eat stuff, Stuff Happens!

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Kombucha and Paeonia lactiflora?

  • Clear Skin and Anxiety Maintenance Routine:
  • Supplements: Shi wei Bei Du Tang (powder by Sun Ten) and the Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pan (tablets by Guang Ci Tang) both for acne+ other Chinese mood stabilizers. + not needed in months
  • Meal Replacement Shakes, + magnesium, MSM, DMAE powder
  • no meat, coffee,  or alcohol- regular juice cleanses
  • Topical:  African Black Soap, 99% pure aloe +vitamin E when dry
  • Lifestyle: 8 hrs sleep, light exercise only, >1hr sun exposure daily, no fluoride toothpastes, no sulfate shampoos, clean shower/pillowcase, no pets

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