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Cutting Out Dairy Completely

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So i heard from many theories that dairy products may cause/exacerbate acne symptoms. I have cut out diary completely out of my life for around half a year now, but to be honest I didn't feel as if it affected my acne much. As the severity of my pimples did subside a tiny bit, I believe it was more due to my healthy lifestyle (I sleep at least 8 hours, drink 2 liters of water, eat veggies and fruit) than the actual eliminating of the dairy.

SO i figured, my acne is probably still due to hormones. I am an 18 year old girl with very oily skin, and my period is always off. My mom says that once my period becomes like clockwork the pimples on my face should start disappearing. Has anyone had this experience or know if this is true?

My main question is: When my hormones have balanced out, as in my period is on time and my skin no longer breaks out, is it acceptable to slowly reintroduce dairy back into my diet? I hope that by then my body would be stable enough to tolerate milk and cheese etc. And also, if I do keep cutting out dairy, would by body become strange to it, and once I try to eat it again (say 10 years from now) I would react allergically to it and cause breakouts?

Thanks for reading all that -_- I really really crave some cheesecake! I promise myself I will not have any until my acne is gone!!

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