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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Facial Scars

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Hi group, this is my first post!

I have had Hidradenitis suppurativa for many years and it seems that it made its way to my face. It started on the legs, traveled under the arms, breasts and now its on my face. I thought they were ice pick scars, but when I look at photos online, it doesn't appear to be so. They're just very large pores that follow one line. There was never any acne there to begin with, but now that the pores are huge, it does get a bit clogged. I tried a lactic acid peel at home (I only knew how to do this because I had it done in a clinical setting and they told me what they were doing as they went along) and had great success. The only issue with the peels are that the results only last a few weeks, and you have to deal with unslightly peeling during the process.

I am worried because this seems to be spreading to other areas on the face. It looks pretty bad!

I do mud masks all of the time and do clean my face 2x per day and use cleaning pads to make sure all makeup is gone.

I went to a plastic surgeon and he said Retin A was my only solution. I didn't get the prescription though.

Just hoping someone knows more about this. I look horrible in photos and I have my wedding next year.

Any tips are appreciated! Photo is attached!!



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