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Surgery Leading To Antibiotic Use: Possibly The Root Cause Of Acne

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So I have been trying to find the cause of my acne for a while now. And not the root cause of my acne, but everyones. I just feel like this kind of skin condition doesn't just happen to some people and not happen to others.

I've been experimenting with diet, cutting certain foods out and trying to connect things to flare ups. Some progress but no breakthroughs. For example, I've noticed that a diet heavy in simple sugars and sodium will lead to breakouts. But this is beside the point. I'm trying to find the Root Cause of acne.

My question to everyone is this...

Are there any acne sufferers out there that had surgery or any other serious medical condition early on in life that might lead to being prescribed antibiotics?

Hear me out. My theory is this: Antibiotics (or other serious drugs for that matter) at a young age would corrupt the natural, still-developing gut-flora in the intestines. An imbalanced ecology in the intestines could make for an unhealthy body; acne being your body's natural side effects of this imbalance. We have a symbiotic relationship, bacteria and humans, with bacterial cells comprising of about 10 times the amount of our own human cells. Any change in this delicate relationship and, I think, could have unhealthy effects.

I had to have surgery at about 3 days old. I am now wondering if anyone else can remember being prescribed antibiotics or serious drugs that could throw your gut-flora off.

Thank you and I appreciate any answer.

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