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Electrocautery Resulting In A Red Mark

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I had sebaceous hyperplasia on my cheek 8 months back and got it removed then by electrocautery. It scabbed and fell off by itself, but it has remained pinkish-red up til now.

Other than 10mg of Oratane, and antibiotics to clear the wound in case it got infected, for the 1 month after it scabbed, I have not applied any other ointment on it. I did not touch it either. I have only washed my face very mildly with soap around the scab and let water gently flow down to the scab.

After the scab fell off by itself, which took a month, I have applied just my mosturisers and sunscreens as recommended by my doctor. I've done so for 7 months now, and the scabbing havent seem to have healed.

I usually try to stay indoors away from the sun but on average, I get into the sun for about 1 hour per day due to traveling.

What could have gone wrong? Why hasn't the area where the electrocautery procedure had been performed returned back to the normal colour of my skin? What should I do to cure this?

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