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This may be discussed before, but when I did a search I did not find this as a topic.

I have struggled with acne for quite some time. It would get better when I went on certain birth control but I did not want to be on it because of how horrible the complications are--another topic of discussion, but the impact of birth control pills is far reaching and very bad for women AND men.

Anyway, as always I have been on a hunt for noncomedogenic makeup, hair products, sunscreen, etc. It has been exhausting. My acne was so bad when I went off the pill that I went back on it because I couldn't take it anymore.

I knew it was hormonal because my skin was also very oily and just the way my skin went crazy after going of BC, it must be because of the hormonal shock my body was going through. Because of the oily skin too, I was under the impression I had a over abundance of androgens. But as I have been off BC for 3 years, it still hasn't gotten better. Plus, I had melasma--they call it the "mask of pregnancy" but I have never been pregnant--brown patches on my face whenever it is exposed to sun (hyperpigmentation). This is from too much estrogen and should've went away when I went off the pill but it didn't.

I went to a dermatologist who put me on minocycline and this help initially but then didn't seem to help at 2x 100 mg. I also know that it is not good to take antibiotics for an extended period of time, so I went off it. At this time I started using the ILLUMASK, which I feel did wonders for my skin. I think it really helped with breakouts and just overall healing and glow to my skin.

I wanted to lay out a little history for you to know I've been through thousands of dollars in products, photo facials, makeup, multiple doctors--endocrine, dermatology, etc. I do like the cleanser from too.

In my never ending quest to figure this out, I came across the supplement DIM. I have been taking it 2x daily for two weeks and my face is FLAWLESS! I can't even tell you how incredible this is. I was afraid to even post this because any time I would write a review for a facial product that I thought was helping, I would break out instantly! This is SO incredibly different though. Please take the time to research this product and see if this might help you. I am on cloud 9!! My husband is taking this supplement as well because there are so many bad estrogens in our water and food supplies, that men are having issues with low testosterone, thinning hair, acne, etc. too.

For anyone suffering from acne, you know what it is like to want to hide, to not want to talk face to face with people, not want to look in the much energy is sucked into dealing with this issue. I cannot tell you the relief it feels to find something that actually helps. I have a new lease on life, a new attitude. I feel like I am actually pretty and definitely more confident and relaxed. I am taking Estroblock in particular, but have looked into other bioavailable versions that are cheaper and will experiment with those next. Again, look it up and read the reviews--people are amazed--men, women equally. Give it a couple weeks and buy the correct version--bioavailable or microencapsulated to help your body absorb it easier. Of course everything I do in my life is still in place such as gentle cleanser, Illumask, no hair products, etc. So if you are doing things that will make you break out for another reason, maybe this wouldn't help but if you are doing everything else right and still can't clear your skin, this might be the final solution. Good luck!

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