A Frustrated 34 Yr Old's Anti-Acne Log: The Regimen

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It's been almost a year since my last post! In an effort to get pregnant, I went off Spironolactone which caused my acne to come back with a vengeance. Even without Spiro, I was still using Dan's cleanser, AHA, moisturizer and Neutrogena SA but it wasn't enough to keep my acne at bay. :smileys_n_people_41: Spiro really was the magic pill that controlled my acne, once I stopped taking it, my acne got as bad or worse than it ever was (see my before pics from 2014).

I made an appointment at a local acne clinic and they put me on a strict routine. I have completely switched my makeup to Priia which is mineral based and all natural. The makeup feels light on my skin, I highly recommend it. You can order it on their website. The creme foundation stick is fantastic, has great coverage yet feels light on my skin. I use the powder foundation on top of the creme foundation stick (I use that as a concealer) and their blush is great too. 

I have had no new acne, my last new pimple was probably 2 months ago! But I will admit that I don't think this routine is sustainable. It's expensive and, to me, it's a lot to do 2x/day. Maybe I will stick with it, I don't know yet. 

Here's my regimen:
Dan's gentle cleanser
Seabreeze Astringent 
Clear Command Moisturizing Gel
Clear Command Mandelic Serum #3

Dan's gentle cleanser
Seabreeze Astringent
Clear Command Moisturizing Gel
Clear Command Mandelic Serum #3
Clear Command 10% BP

1x/week at night
Clear Command 10% BP + Sulfur mask. I leave this on for 10 minutes and then do my nighttime routine. It helps with inflammation.

*Note: I worked my way up to this strength over the course of 8 months. I started at 2.5% BP, then 5%, then 10%. Same with the Serum, I worked my way up from #1 to #2 to #3. 

~ Frustrated but Hopeful ~

Go to: -->my profile -->gallery

& see my week-by-week pictures using The Regimen!

Started the Regimen 8/1/14.

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