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Inflamed Painful Pimples On Scalp After Accutane?

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Hello guys!

So long story short, i had mild to moderate cystic acne on my face, so they placed me on accutane 40mg/day for 7 months. (I had previously been on doxycycline to no avail). So come January 7 of 2014, i take my last pill. Its been about 5 and half months since i stopped taking accutane. And my face is clear of acne, but after about the 2 month after i stopped the treatment, i started to get gradually more and more painful pimples on my scalp. At first i didn't pay much attention to it, thought maybe it would go away on its own, but its been 3 months and not only did it not go away, but it got worse, the pain is pretty bad as the scalp is a very sensitive area.

I read some info on the internet, high levels of vitamin A (isotretinoin) had been linked to seborrhea dermatitis. Of course all this is mere speculation, So i figured id ask here if anyone had gone through a similar thing after taking accutane and how did it resolve. If it ever did...

I have been trying a lot of shampoos, like neutrogena T gel, Nizoral 1/percent, Dermarest, none of them have worked so far. I have been to a dermatologist here in Miami, (I did the treatment in Spain where i was living at the time) he prescribed a topical gel to apply, but i has been useless so far. it was Triamcinolone lotion 0.1percent I don't want to go back for now, as i lack any health insurance (i have from Spain but they wont take it here).

I would appreciate any info whatsoever/tips to deal with this situation.

Thank you so much!

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Hey there,

I took Accutane before and I found that when stopped it made my acne come back a lot worst!

It's one of those things where your skin becomes dependent on the medication.

Try some treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide and also I got this link from a friend and found the video had some great tips They also sell a e-book but if you just watch the video there's some good tips and the e-book has some secrets to getting to the ROOT of the problem.

Hope that helps.


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