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Aqua Glycolic Review

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Ive been using the aqua glycolic face cleanser for a week in hopes of some relief from the irritation i had because of a treatment. It quickly and effectively repaired my irritation. I no longer have redness n tiny red bumps. My skin is very healthy looking and smooth, BUT im still breaking out with usual whiteheads. For those who've used AG..does it get worse before it gets better?? I also take 100 mg of minocycline daily. I was on mino about three yrs ago and it worked great, i had almost no acne. But then I got off n now im on it again. Ive been taking it for a month but i dont seem to be improving. Since i only get whiteheads and never get acne on my jawline or back im convinced tht my acne is hormonal. Any tips? And share ur aqua glycolic face wash experience. Cheers.

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