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Help Needed For Regimen And Acne

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This is getting really annoying. Pics are here: That area around my chin hasn't been clear for nearly 3 years. It's like this "flat" acne that won't go away and has been in the exact same spot. It stays red-ish and flares up with a couple whiteheads every now & then. The rest of my face is pretty clear.

I have been prescribed Retin-A gel and creams which work well on the rest of my face for the occasional zit, but not in this area. A family doctor a few years ago said it was impetigo (not sure if he was correct) and gave me some Fucidin creams but none of those really worked. I also saw a dermatologist who gave me a cream which I forget the name of, but she said I had to apply to my entire face...however by the 2nd night it felt like my face was on fire and I had to wash it off. I never got to follow up with that dermatologist. It takes forever to see one where I live (4+ months has been my waiting time both times!).

Anyway, what could this be? Any suggestions on how I should go about treating it? I am still waiting for my dermatologist appointment which is in 2 more months. My family doctor who I'm able to see within 2 weeks usually, thinks there's nothing there.

Any comments, advice, recommendations, etc..? Thanks

I currently use PCA Blemish Control Bar (cleanser), PCA Clearskin Moisturizer, and Retin-A for spot treatment on the rest of my face.


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