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What Is Common For Us All?! (*getting On Top Of The Acne Problem)

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Hello there everyone,

I had some research done, and came to some conclusions that might help us solve why people do get acne. (You can read in more detail in my post #1167 here )

It would be nice to try to debunk why we have acne. It would be magnificient if we could all post if we had maybe similar background, this way we could narrow down the cause of our problems.

What I top as the most plausible cause of our problems, are:

1.antibiotic treatment(s) in early childhood (i had alway stomach pains when i was ill, possible connection with absence of beneficial bacteria)

2.amalgam fillings and teeth decay (still have plenty of those, possible connection with mercury) with animals from early childhood (dog was always in our house, possible connection with demodex mites)

Best wishes for you all and feel free to contact me,

PS 4. Hormonal (I have realized that many of you here are either homosexual or lifting weights, so it would be a common sense to conclude that you had acne because of the hormonal disbalance. If acne started to appear somewhere afterwards you started lifting weights, hormones would be a strong implication for your problems.)

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1. I dont remember if I had antibiotics as a child. The longest courses of them I have been on have been for acne.

2.I have no amalgam fillings just two white ones.

3. Never had a pet in my life.

For me personally, Im pretty confident stress is the root of my problems. I can go all year on no acne treatment have more or less clear skin then when it hits exam periods at university (january and may) i break out badly.

Currently Using: First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery, Paulas Choice 2.5% BP, Olay Sensitive Beauty Fluid.

Extras: Paulas Choice 10% AHA & Paulas Choice 2% BHA.

Failed: Duac, Differin, Bactrim, Tetracycline, Doxycycline.

Acne status: Clear on chin and forehead except for pigmentation. Working on closed comedones around nose, top lip, upper cheeks and overall skin texture.

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1. Very few courses of antibiotics as a child. Maybe once for strep.

2. Lots of amalgam fillings. I have replaced most over time with white ones.

3. Had a cat and a pet mouse when I was a kid.

Both my parents had and have acne and oily skin. I think it is hormonal, and genetic. (I also have no idea why you are connecting hormonal imbalances and homosexuality, but I don`t want to start a debate about that).

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