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Tea Tree Oil - My Best Cure

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Okay want to clear up spots dry up and remove pimples this stuff is for you its awsome. Natures most powerful antiseptic and fungal substance all u need to do is just run some warm water in a sink add about 5-6 drops and wash ur face in the water then at night just add several drops to the bath to bathe in. After 3 days u will see a difference that ur spots are drying up and going. No special product that can aggrivate acne just natural remedy that nature offers us. Also u can boost the effect every 3 days apply a tea tree oil face mask and there u go.

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I quite like tea tree and manuka oil...but I don't agree with your dilution. Several drops to a bath....that is like 1 part tea tree to a million of water. I can't see that retaining any antiseptic power. But hey if it is working stick with it. eusa_clap.gif

I am currently putting some in my mosituriser twice a day. I suppose I do a ratio of 1 part Manuka oil to 10 parts mosituriser.

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i have to say that it gave me a bad reaction and i only used the tiniest amt



1) wash with paula's choice normal to oily cleanser

2) Napca mist from twinlab or the one from nuskin and spray many times to get a good layer of moisture.

3)Avalon organics revitalizing eye gel

4)Cory Minerals (I've found that the secret to cory is to use ur brush to really swirl it around to grind the powder down even finer than it is and then to tap off the excess and start off with thin layers and build.) i also will take a concealer brush and dab it on certain areas that i need to cover up more thickly and then use a bronzer with a big bronzer brush to blend. ( i use estee lauder bronze goddess). i use bronzer all over and this seems to even out everything.

5)Aquaphor for lips.


1)Same PC N/O

2b)some nights I mask with aspirin mixed with milk of magnesia and nuetrogena clear pore cleanser mask in nose and chin area - to make mask i use a small spray bottle with distilled water that i always keep in my bathroom and i take about 8 aspirin in the palm of my hand and spray and mush with my fingers until it is a thick paste. i then add a drop of MOM and put a small amount of neut. clear pore cleanser mask. don't use mask every night.

3)Aubrey organics Vegecol toner

4)Spot treat w/ prosacea gel

5)same on eyes and lips as AM

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