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Non-Comedogenic Moisturiser Has Caused Me To Breakout

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This is my first post so I'll start with a brief history of my acne struggles:

I'm 23 and have had mild to moderate acne since I was 13, on my face, neck and back. After trying pretty much 'everything' from harsh chemical washes, scrubs and nappy rash cream, nothing really made much difference to my skin. Recently I've been making an effort to eat more healthily (in the past my diet has been very poor), exercise more and drink green tea (I'd actually recommend this for general health) which seemed to improve my skin slightly. I also use Johnson's Baby Wash to cleanse as it doesn't irritate my skin and contains a higher level of glycerin than most other soaps which I hear is a good thing.

Recently, however, I switched to a non-comedogenic moisturiser - Avene Light Hydrating Day Cream - as other moisturisers were clogging my pores and causing whiteheads all over. Since I switched I've had a HUGE breakout all over my face and neck, and even after switching back to E45 lotion it's only getting worse!

Has anyone ever had something similar happen? And how do I fix it? Please help!

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The term "non-comedogenic" does not mean anything as it is not regulated. I can legally slap non-comedogenic on any product I want.

If you really need a moisturizer, I would recommend one with as few ingredients as possible. If it does break you out, then it's easier to nail down what does not work for your skin.




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