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sorry in advance if this is gross. I am 15,male, and not sexually active. recently I got a pimple on the shaft of my genital region. I am very worried and embarrassed. and frankly mortified to be posting this. but I don't know exactly how I should treat this in such a sensitive area

thanks and sorry

Don't worry about being embarrassed, I'm sure most people here are just like you, looking for answers about acne in a variety of places.

Just treat it like you would any other area (cream or whatever). It'll go away like 'normal' acne.

It's actually common for people to get the odd spot in the genital region as it's not a lot different to most other acne prone areas.

If it's any consolation, I've had an isolated spot appear on my penis before. It went away on it's own after a couple days.

I don't care if it hurts,

I want to have control,

I want a perfect body,

I want a perfect soul.

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