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Acne Success! Clear-Free Complexion, Products Listed

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Hey everyone! I've finally reached that point where I can be *proud* of my complexion: acne-free and, not only that, but, GLOWING (*touches wood*)! So, I thought, hey, why not share what products I use and my skin-care regimen to a few people. Maybe it'll help you?

I should start with how my skin looked previously and the severity of my acne. I had your usual teenage spots, 1-3 spots on my face at any time, both REALLY small and large (at one point, one spot was the size of a 5 pence coin!). I also have oily skin, especially so regarding my T-Zone and the usual causes of spots also affected me. That is, sugary drinks, fatty foods, etc. But, my acne/face was by no means the worst - some would even say it was hardly noticeable - but, for me, it was frustrating to say the least.

Now, I have tried so many products. Did the usual rounds to my GP. My first - and only - prescription drug I used for my acne was Duac. This working amazingly! But then I had a huge allergic reaction and after a trip to Urgent Care vowed never to use prescription-grade medication again for my acne.

So here I am now. I feel like I've honed in on my skincare regime. And, what you all need to know is, that, it works for me.

It goes without saying that this regime is repeated, religiously, twice a day, every day.


Now, I actually use 3 different types of face washes. Alarm bells must be ringing right now, screaming "EXCESSIVE!" and "REALLY DRY SKIN!" but weirdly, my skin neither feels dry or as though the products are harsh. What it does feel though is clean.



  • Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Wash


Price: I usually pay £1.99 from my local store.

  • Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash


Price: £3.50

  • MenScience Face Buff Brush


Price: £14.50

  • Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion


Price: £2.99

  • Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater


Price: £2.32

  • Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser


Price: £3.59

  • Vichy Lab Normaderm


Price: £!2.00

What I do is I massage morning energy onto my face and then use the face buff brush to cleanse my face properly. After I feel that my face has been adequately cleansed, I then wash my face with the deep action cream wash. I then use the deep cleansing lotion, followed by the rosewater toner, as per the instructions on the back of each bottle. I then apply the clean and clear moisturiser first and one pump of normaderm onto my face!


My routine for night time is exactly the same as above except for the following: instead of using the deep action cream wash, for night time only, I substitute it for the following product:

  • Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash


Price: £1.99 from my local store.

Now, this sounds excessive, I know. But I've got to this regime by much trial and error - in the past, I've used products which have had no effect on my acne/skin and sometimes I've used products which have made my acne/skin worse. All in all, it really does work for me.

This regime, for me, costs around £30.00 per month (frankly, I do think that's a huge amount for a teenager like myself!). But, a lot of the times, at stores like Boots and Superdrugs, the Clean & Clear products are usually on offer, as are the Vichy products. Also, for most of the products, you only need a modest amount to do the job!

So there you go, I've not put reviews of the products because there are plenty of positive reviews online which I would only echo.

Hope this helps anyone

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