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Does Bp Age Or Waste Your Skin In Any Way? Also Redmarks

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And about the wrinkles..if you are serious about clearing your acne, then I wouldn't worry about that. There are plenty of anti-aging treatments out there that work that you can use later on.

this is totally false information and misguidance and your stories about how wrinkles are pretty u can go and tell to some pensioners...

Well, that's your choice of course, but considering how angry you get when talking about your acne, I'm surprised that you don't even consider using any of the treatments a longer period of time to see if they would work.

i think i already answered this but its just usually u should be able to see if it works at least somewhat at the first times u use it so u know if its worth to keep using it. i dont know anyone who would stubornly keep smearing the same cream for months hoping for somekinda sudden miracle while they couldve be using something else that actually works. i guess its supposed to be diff story with bp but its srsly weird for me...

Clearly you dont know shit because BP is in two of the most prescribed topicals Duac and Epiduo.

I dont think any of us care now what you do weve tried to give you advice and you've been pretty rude and ungrateful in your replies. Make your own decision with regards to BP because really who cares what the hell you do.

i have never been prescribed any of those and never seen them being very popular on here either. and i probably dont know about them bcs they dont work lol. usually when someone says topicals, diff creams and masks anyone can get comes in mind

well i wasnt intended this as somkinda help for specially me thread but rather as experience example and info exchange thread. so i rly didnt ask u to try and help me. this might be useful for other ppl who think wether to buy bp or no too..

but thnx for answers to my questions and sharing your experiences. i can appreciate that.

~my face will be the death of me~

acne: resistance is futile!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I get what you are saying about how you need to see if something works. But we aren't saying to use it for months but generally it takes up to 2 months for new acne treatments to start working. I've been on accutane and it took 6 months to see results but it worked. You have to be patient with whatever you try or you will never get results. It's like working out at the gym. The first week you start going you aren't going to see results. But if you had the mind set that, "Oh why should I be working out if I'm not seeing anything? So I'm just going to stop." is ridiculous. It's actually been proven that these different acne treatments take time to work. We aren't hoping for a miracle. We are waiting to see if the certain product we are using is going to work or not. Like I said, I'm almost on week 4 and I am now starting to see results from the regimen. My skin has looked better than ever. The first two weeks it stayed the same. But now it's getting better and better. It's just the way things work.

And I have been prescribed both duac and epiduo as well. They are very popular topicals, and they too take time to work. Tazorac is another example. You may not have heard of them because you haven't ever been to the dermatologist. You can't buy them at the store. Your doctor has to prescribe them to you. And they actually work for some people. Everyones skin is different, and just because you haven't heard of something doesn't mean it doesn't work for someone else. When someone says topicals, duac, epiduo, tazorac, and bp are the four that come to my mind.

My suggestion is that you give the the regimen a shot. I have been using topicals since I was 13 to clear my skin. I am now 22 and I get asked all the time if I am 17. I do not have any wrinkles and if wrinkles were to come from anything, it is going to be from a bad diet and lifestyle. You stressing and worrying about wrinkles is going to give you more wrinkles than bp ever could.

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Does bp dry the skin? Yes! That's why we always recommend using a good moisturizer as well as some jojoba oil with it if needed.

Does it age the skin? Read here:

Bp and redmarks? Read here:

The FAQ has lots of information that should answer most of your questions.

Hope that helps.








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