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Blackheads, Whiteheads And Open Pores Everywhere!

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Okay so my acne like zits wise isn't a huge issue, pretty minor. But my black an white heads and my open pores are INSANE.

On my nose, I have hundreds and hundreds of clogged pores (black heads) and if they're not clogged they are WIDE open. It looks absolutely disgusting.

Beside my nose, under my eyes and beside my cheeks are hundreds of open pores as well. It's very disgusting as well.

My forehead has tons of white heads and pores that are clogged but they don't look like black heads. Like when I squeeze them, oil comes out. Sorry that's nasty. My forehead looks bumpy and uneven and my skin as a whole is very hard to look at.

PLEASE HELP! Is this acne hormonal bc I just started birth control? Will that help? What can I do to fix this!!!

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