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Treating Moderate Acne Scars - Any Advice?

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It's now been just under two years since I had really severe acne, although I do still have minor acne (normally one or two active spots at a time, and plenty of congestion around my nose and chin). My acne left me with quite a bit of scarring - mostly boxcar and rolling scars, with no icepick scars. My forehead is probably the worst - lots of little, deeper scars all over - while the scarring on my cheeks is slightly shallower, but larger. I also have little red marks from previous spots and a couple of deep tissue scars left by some particularly aggressive spots.

I live in the UK and recently visited one of the Sk:n clinics to have a consultation about treating my scars. I've been recommended a course of dermarolling or even dermastamping, which is apparently a kinder treatment (and marginally more expensive). The nurse said that I would not be able to have the treatment until the last of my acne has cleared up and recommended some anti-blemish products. She also suggested a microdermabrasion to help with the congestion around my nose and chin. She also stated that the dermarolling/dermastamping treatment will improve the appearance of scars but that she can not guarantee they will disappear completely. In particular, she said the deep tissue scars may soften but will remain. I've chosen to have the treatment done at a approved clinic because I believe this will be more effective and reliable.

However, I've read really mixed reviews about dermarolling treatments. I'm not expecting a miracle cure, just a decent amount of improvement to warrant the money it will cost. I was told this was a permanent solution - as in once treated the scars will not reappear, although of course it won't prevent new scars. I was told that I won't really notice the improvement until the third treatment but that afterwards the improvement of the skin should continue up to a year after the treatment. What do people make of these claims? Is dermarolling the right choice or would you recommend something else?

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