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Eyelash Curler Leaves Impression/ Dent In Face.

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So, I've been pouring over research but I'm still unsure. I was using retin-a- micro o.04% and it went wonderfully. Not 100% clear of my moderate acne, but clear enough. Like 98% and glowey. Switch to 0.1%. Two weeks go well, almost no acne, scars look bad ,but only on forehead.

NOW, a month later, I have a tonne of red marks.. where I had no acne. Seriously. And brown spots, one is black, and there are four shallow, slightly brown marks. My skin looks awful. I was able to wear a tinted moisturizer and now I need foundation.

Oh, and I have a burn mark on my forehead from when I was a kid, and suddenly a twin mark appeared underneath it, diagonally! Just appeared one day, and I know it's not connected due to a space between the scars and it was never this big. What the hell? Just randomly. No acne, and it's a 2 cm line that is moderately thick.

When I use my eyelash curler, it leaves a dented spot on my face, albeit temporarily, when I use it.

I now have little zits everywhere, under the skin. Two cysts that were small and healed nicely. Still, on my cheeks I have been getting shallow indents.

I want to cry.

The flakyness makes it hard to apply foundations. I exfoliate gently once a week with honey, olive oil and sugar scrub. NO redness ensues. Then I apply a moisturizing mask, then foundation. I also use clinique super city blocker spf 40 every day. I just don't understand how my skin got like this. My friend told me it was so nice and glowy. I could wear no foundation and be okay. I just had moderate blackheads in t-zone. Now my skin is hell.

I used to use it every night. Took a break for a few days, resumed every night for a bit. Not sure if I should stop completely, or do it two to three times a week.

I use burts bees gentle skin cleaner at night, and water in the am. oil levels seem to be under control.

I use the bioderma water to remove make up and water.

clinique city blocker spf 40.

now emu oil once or twice a day.

If someone can please help me I'd appreciate it. This is my third time on retin a. The second time I stopped, no scars, but i got a bad break out, which I shouldn't have ever attributed to retin a- I was doing oil cleansing.

Second time I got scarring randomly, but the dermatologist kept telling me to use glycolic acid so I attributed it to that.

Retin a micro is the only thing that has made my skin nice, up until... the past two weeks, maybe two and a half.

I want to continue this because every time I go off it my skin gets almost as bad as it is now, and I regretted it every time a few months later. Still, the random scarring is concerning.

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So today I managed to get to a dermatologist. As usual, they make you wait over half an hour, even if you have an appointment, and see you for less than 5 minutes.

Regardless,she mentioned nothing of scarring, nothing of new spots. She did seem to know what she was talking about though.

One spot I thought was hyper pigmentation was not, it's a broken blood vessel.

She told me I would need accutane if this didn't solve the problem ( most of my acne are white heads and blackheads, with maybe 3 pustles max) so I'd hate to go on it. I'll have to though if this doesn't clear.

As it stands, she told me to keep on with my burts bees cleanser, as well as clinique city blocker ( spf 40). She suggested Cera V night cream for my super dry under eye area.

Finally, she said I should use something stronger, and precribed me 0.025% stevia a cream. Now, my understanding is that retin a is stronger than retin a micro.. so... it should make up for the huge gap in percentage. right? I was using 0.1% retin a micro.

Anyways, that's all for now. When I wash my face tonight I'll upload a pic of my scarring to see if I can get any advice, anyone notices any changes in appearance, and see if and how my acne clears.

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Breaking out like crazy, now with small red dots and cystic acne. Nothing else from my routine has changed. I'm getting pretty upset and am unsure of what to do.

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So as it stands my skin is just breaking out more and getting more bumpy.

the only thing I've changed is that I sometimes apply Estee Lauder double wear foundation and take it off with the bioderma water and wash my face.

Red, blotchy skin, small red bumps everywhere, and white bumps.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions?

Was my dermatologist at least right that Stevia a 0.025% is stronger than retin a micro 0.01%?

She said I needed to do the retin a on my own for 3-4 months and I have no follow up appointments.

She said I could call back and make one if needed.


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