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Erythromycin + Stiemycin Treatment - Advice?

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I'm just wanting feedback from anyone who has gone through a course of Erythromycin + Stiemycin treatment. I've recently been prescribed it and tried to do some research on it's success but can't find very much online.

Has anyone had any success with it? Would people recommend or advise to stay off it?

I have had cystic acne for the best part of 4 years now and have been on Oxcytetracline (ineffective), Ro-Accutane (didn't finish course as I went on a long holiday to Australia) and Dianette. Dianette was the most effective for me and really worked, however I am no longer allowed to take it due to a migraine attack I suffered whilst on the treatment course, which is really annoying.

I've now been given this Erythromycin + Stiemycin combo and was nearly in tears when I was prescribed it, as it just felt like a doctor at a loose end who was running out of things to try on me, and just fobbed me off with this. I haven't started taking it yet as I'd like to know a bit more about peoples experience with it.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

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