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Been Struggling Lately, Hoping For Some Good News

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Hi Guys, starting to return to this website as I have been struggling lately. I am 16 and have been having skin issues for just over a year. I have big problems with hyper pigmentation, redness and Seborrheic dermatitis. I used to have mild to moderate acne but now I don't have that many active pimples, just a few. Looking in the mirror doesn't always destroy me but it's more the emotional issues I have been dealing with. I have pigmentation issues with the skin close to the eye area, and I generally have somewhat of a zombie look because of this, this is annoying. My cheeks are dark and so whenever I look in any kind of dark tinted mirror, it's unpleasant. Lighting is such a bitch, it sucks to look at yourself under one type of lighting and look acceptable and then another and look terrible, it makes me very anxious and paranoid and I never know how i really look. There have been many positive times during my struggle, and creativity has brought so much good into my life and kept me going, but lately I have felt lost. Clear Skin to me just seems like a happy, positive thing and bad skin seems like such a negative thing, it's hard to turn things around. I went to a dermatologist last month and began my first treatment but there was no result. I haven't given up all hope as I want to see myself beat this and know I overcame it, but people aren't all that positive about skin problems, so I feel alone and somewhat lost. This year was supposed to be the year that I saw my skin really heal up, but I'm still having big problems. Just needed to put this out there.

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I know what you're going through is so tough. Try to stay positive knowing there are many others who are just like you!!

I definitely feel so depressed sometimes because of my skin, and I have to come online to get support because many of friends and family don't understand. People with perfect skin will sometimes say "it's no big deal, or no one notices" but we notice, so it hurts us.

I think researching is a double edged sword. It can help find the answer to your skin issues, but it can also depress you more by bombarding you with options that might not work out. I'm still looking for the answer myself but I notice I'm most happy when I keep myself so busy that I forget about my skin!

Keep your chin up!! Never lose confidence over your skin because you are so much more than that!!

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Don't give up!

I know its hard. I live it every single day. But it gets better. When I was in high school my acne was TERRIBLE. I deleted all my high school graduation photos because they make me cry because my acne was so bad. Now that I'm 20 its gotten so much better. Just hang in there and keep trying. No one sees results after a day of a treatment, you have to keep going. Don't let acne bring you down and ruin high school for you. You're stronger than acne. Don't give up hope, but most importantly, don't let acne ruin what you think of yourself.

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Regime smile.png
-Clean and Clear Morning Burst (twice daily)
-Biore Exfoliator (nightly)
-Loreal Toner
-Garnier Frutis Gel Moisturizer for oily to combo skin
-First Aid Gel Moisturizer (2nd best)
-Fresh Moistuirizng Gel Lotion (for really bad days)

-Evening Primrose Oil Capsules
-Biotin capsules


-Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation (When I feel extra ugly/Special occasions)

-CoverFX Pressed Powder Foundation (With Kat Von D)

-Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder foundation (When i feel ok)

-Revlong ColorStay Foundation (When I feel semi-ugly)

-Garnier Fruties BB Cream (When I feel pretty/lazy/giving up on life)


-Tretnoin (Retin-A)
-Benzol Peroxide
-Cetaphyl Facial Soap
-American Dermatologist

Willing to try again--

Apple Cider Vinegar smile.png
My Dermatologist in Mexico Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez
Ziana Cream at night (aka Retin-A Forte in Mexico)

Different birth control

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stay tough - i am much older than you, but i remember exactly what it felt like to have really bad skin in high school. i still struggle with acne, but it's much easier to deal with now.

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