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Derm Won't Prescribe Isotretinoin If There's A Family History Of Uc Or Ibd?

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I've been dealing with acne since I was 13. I remember the feeling of going into high school, covered in cysts and nodules. Fast forward 9 years, and I'm still dealing with it. To a lesser degree, but still dealing with it. And it's wrecked my confidence. I've been on everything under the sun, Doxy, Mino, and about every topical treatment under the sun, until my insurance dropped Tazorac.

Point is, I recently made the decision that I didn't want my 23rd year of life to be ruined by acne. I want to enjoy my 20s. I want self-confidence. I saw two different dermatologists, and both hesitated to offer the "solution" when I mentioned that my mother has ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome. Has anyone else been shut down because of this? The nurse handed me a name of a doctor who "would've had me on Accutane yesterday", according to my physician. He's a frequent writer of the script. But, now I worry. Am I MORE predisposed to developing one of these intestine diseases because of my family history, or does it really have no bearing? I probably sound like a simple-minded fool, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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