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Help With Healing Cysts

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Ok i'm in my 3rd month of accutane, and near the start I had a bad initial breakout on my back and chest, which never really healed.

Basically I got a lot of cysts which evtually burst from pressure/friction etc, and then they scabbed over. These scabs sem to stay the same size and do not heal on their own. Everytime I took a shower of bath they would come straight off the the process would start over again.

I tried keeping them dry but stil even after 2 weeks ther was no reduction in size. My dermatologist told me to try ruubbing dermol lotion on them but this didn't do much to help either. I tried sudocrem which seems to have reduced the size a tiny bit, but only if i rub the scabs off before applying it, which seems to be the most effective thing so far, although i'm worried about scarring.

My chest is slightly different, the 'cysts' are a lot more round, like boils, and everytime the scabs come off they swell straight back up again. It's really horrible and they seem like they may be spreading. I looked on the forums and someone else had a slightly similar sounding problem, and someone suggested it may be impetigo, which I looked up and it sounded almost the same as my symptoms, although none of my family members have 'caught' anything, and my dermatologist didn't say it looked infected.

All I really want is some advice on how to heal and reduce pain, as when in bed they tend to ooze and stick to my bedding which is very painful when I try to move.

My dermatologist doesn't seem to be much help...

Regarding my accutane course, my face is completely clear now, although my back was always the main problem, but i'm still getting lots of new spots on my back so i don't know if It'e being very effective...

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