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Warts? skin problems? cold/flu? blocked nose?

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First off, not debating these cures at all in any way. If anyone wants to try it, post your results and encurage others.

The mouth - from a Russian doctor Dr. Karach - swish with a tablespoon of either sunflower, peanut or safflower oil in the mouth slowly for 15-20 minutes, do not swallow, then spit. Follow this up with brushing your teeth with baking soda (not powder) then last but not least make a combination of 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda into a mouthrinse and spit.

Repeat morning and night until all gum problems and teeth problems are reversed. This method will leave you with clean healthy gums, teeth that will get whiter and whiter, bad breath will be a thing of the past and it's cheap!

The nose - Combination of hydrogen peroxide(h202) 3% diluted even further to avoid irritation, ie. 5 ml of h202 to 50 mil of distilled water and add a pinch of baking soda(sodium bicarbonate). At first depending on your nose congestion you may get alot of crap out, repeat as often as you can, within a couple weeks your nose and sinus areas will be completely clear, no more stuffy head, no more headaches induced by stuffy sinuses, much better nights sleep and will help with people who snore. DON'T SWALLOW THE SOLUTION, you want the crap out of you, not in you.

The ears - same as above but use straight 3% h202 with baking soda, few drops in each ear from a nasal spray, wait 5 minutes, clear, will help clear up colds as many believe a cold starts from the ears, will disperse wax as well.

Skin infections - apply straight 3% h202 to your skin and watch it clear up!

Warts - make a paste from castor oil and baking soda, apply as a gauze and attach with a bandaid. 3-6 weeks time it will just fall off, do this every night.

Bath - Have a bath of any or all of this combination, epsom salts(magnesium citrate), baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. A cup of each will do and will detox your body fantastically, just get the required amount you intend to use, pour into a warm bath, soak for 30 minutes. Your skin will feal softer, skin inperfections will improve, you'll improve blood supply, relax muscles (due to epsom salts) and generally feal better. Reapeat as often as desired.

Nail fungus - Get a tub of hot water, put a capful or so of 35% h202 into it, stir then soak feet every night. Will clear up quickly.


Other uses,

Carpet, sprinkle baking soda on carpet, stand overnight, vaccume up. The carpet will be cleaner then ever before. If you have deep stains, use white vinegar with baking soda and scrub, bye bye odour, bye bye stain.

Kitchen - baking soda applied liberally over pots that have been burnt with food, wait 5 minutes, then apply hot water and stand another 15 minutes. The gunk will come straight off.

Dishwashing - replace detergant with baking soda, same amount, no more chemicals and a better cleaning result.

Clothes - great for people with allergies, replace detergant with baking soda, will clean like never before.

Bathroom - apply the baking soda to whatever surface and scub away revealing clean, nice smelling surfaces.

Plants - want the best plants in your street? make a combination of 3% h202 and baking powder and distilled water and spray your plants and the surrounding soil. No more plant fungus, bugs or other problems, the plant will grow better, look better and keep its flowers longer.

toothbrush - always leave toothbrush in 3% h202 solution for 5 min after brushing, kills all bacteria, leave toothbrush sterile.


Dentist - Want britanny spears teeth? Do what she does, ask for a strong peroxide gel treatment at your dentist. Your only but a mouthguard, some peroxide and prehaps a laser from teeth that will glow in the dark smile.gif


h202 - Use only 35% food grade h202, not the drug store variety, expecially not to ingest, must be food grade. Handing 35% h202 must be done with extreme caution, wear gloves and goggles, never ever use it on your body at anything over 3% solution. Also avoid eye area whenever using h202.


Not mentioning ingesting h202, i agree with Steve on one point in that it's not safe.... if you don't know what your doing, so don't do it.

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