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Are These Whiteheads On My Chin?

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I have these too! Ive had them since I was like 14 and I cant get rid of them either. I tink they're clogged pores. Ive just decided to leave them as when I mess with my skin it just gets inflamed.

Currently Using: First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery, Paulas Choice 2.5% BP, Olay Sensitive Beauty Fluid.

Extras: Paulas Choice 10% AHA & Paulas Choice 2% BHA.

Failed: Duac, Differin, Bactrim, Tetracycline, Doxycycline.

Acne status: Clear on chin and forehead except for pigmentation. Working on closed comedones around nose, top lip, upper cheeks and overall skin texture.

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