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Tiny Black Pebble Looking Thing

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I had a really small painful bump on my back for the past few weeks. As it is blocked from my view, i thought it would be a normal acne. But after it had been sitting on my back for a while and hurt me when i hit something against it, i started to look over it in the mirror. There was a bump and nothing showed up on the skin to indicate anything. And it felt like there is something inside as i rubbed my fingers against it. Now it is not like the normal white head that we squeeze out of the acne. This is different. It was like a little pebble stucked underneath my skin. The more i rub it, the more it hurts. So i tried my best to get rid of it. And i squeezed it aggressively, and finally something huge popped out. And here it is... I cant seem to figure out what the hell was that. Help! It hurts but no bleeding.

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