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Stop Acne Now (Read This)

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Alright so I am no expert. But what does it take to become an expert. Anyone can become expert on something or at something with dedicated time and researched knowledge. I am just here to help other acne victims because i was once one. Acne changed my life. I rather stay at home on weekends. I skipped full days of school and slept all day because i could not bare with it. I had acne since age 12 and it wasn't awful until this past year. Nonetheless it has always bothered me. This past year, it got intense. I am now 17 years old, through and done with puberty. I figured I was just one of those unlucky kids that got acne for not much of a reason. I shower twice a day, I'm very hygienic. I no longer wanted to just deal with it like everyone told me i should do. No i wanted to make a difference. I knew there had to be something hiding that i needed to uncover about acne. So i spent countless hours on the internet researching acne and buying books and what not. I was brainwashed just like the majority of people and uneducated to say the least. I have finally found a true cure and more than that. A way of being healthy and letting your body thrive like it was made to do. Acne is pretty much a disease; or a sign that something is wrong in your body. The reason acne erupts, is because there is something wrong inside your body. A person's skin is the biggest organ of the body and your body literally sends these 'something' wrong' signs through your largest organ to tell you that you need to make a change. Now this cure makes so much logical and scientific sense that it has brightened my mindset immensely. Diet and acne are greatly connected! Don't allow yourself to be told otherwise. So stop eating fake, processed, refined, crappy, whatever you wanna call it foods! If you think that is too hard, then your only letting yourself down. Start with the Paleo Diet. Google it and research it. I have been doing the paleo diet for the past month, and i haven't had a new pimple in a week, and my old acne scars are fading faster and faster. Not just my acne, but my entire body, emotionally and physically, has been increasing in health. You can say or think that how come some people don't get acne at all even though they eat crappy non-stop. Well this is because of their genes. Not everyone has the same genes, and those people without acne just have genes that prevent acne. But their bodies are still suffering and they will never know to stop and will possibly end up with diabetes or who knows what. So think of acne as a messenger, who if they hadn't been around, you would still be eating crappy foods that are slowly killing you and will cause you to end up having an awful disease. Humans were made natural to be natural and eat natural. You are literally what you eat. It is scientific based facts. So start with the Paleo Diet, and if you want you can slowly add foods into your diet to see if they cause acne or not. Also make sure you sweat to release old toxins. Sweat itself does not cause acne, as long as it is washed off. But do not wipe away the sweat, which will only let your skin absorb it, in the end leading to acne. I found out that lifting makes me breakout due to the rise in testosterone, and this messed up my hormones. If you lift and get acne, I'd say stop until you are clear. So to get exercise and sweat do something aerobic, nothing too hard on your body. Go for a run, ride a bike, go swimming. Make sure you always get a lot of sleep. Sleep is the number one healing process of the body, so more sleep equals more healing. Get sunlight everyday but not too much. 15 minutes of sunlight a day supplies your body with an efficient amount of vitamins.You can also try some top supplements such as vitamin d3, cod liver oil, zinc (which I use) and others, but supplements are just to help. Finally relieve your stress and try to be peaceful and always be confident and optimistic about your struggles/acne. I guarantee this method will work for you and will change your life. Power is knowledge, and the greatest wealth is health. Here is a link that sums up everything about being Paleo and acne:

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