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Retin A, Clidamycin And Mincoclycin

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Background: I am a 23 year old female with occasional and very mild acne since teenager and back acne. BUT this year I broke out REALLY bad in the last three months. I did everything and maybe that was my downfall! I think I ruined my skin by applying so many different topical treatments and home remedies thinking I can solve my acne without medical intervention....WRONG! Doctors definitely know what they're doing so listen to them! I never broke out this bad but because I had a tiny pimple that I popped and then popped the second one next to thing you know my whole face was covered in acne! i got the big, hard, under the skin acne that hurts!! I didn't know what to do after three months i had enough I went to the doctor. Below is my regimen


1. Take Minoclycin (50 mg) before breakfast with one full glass of water.

2. Wash my face with cera-ve and cold water

3. Wait 20 minutes and apply Clindamycin swabs

4. Wait 30 minutes, Apply benzoyl peroxide (10%) and light sunscreen moisturizer (i.e. cera-ve)


1. Take Minoclycin (50 mg) before dinner with one full glass of water.

2. Wash my face with cera-ve and cold water

3. Wait 20 minutes and apply Clindamycin swabs

4. Wait 30 minutes, Apply retin-a (0.1%) only a pearl size to the affected area only.

I started May 13th 2014

So far so good. The first week, I saw little changes but I did notice my pimples were getting smaller and not turning into those big painful pustules. I definitely think this week was the purging which means all the bad stuff hiding under my skin was finally being released because of the antibiotics and retin-a or maybe my body was getting adjusted to this - whatever the case my skin was showing little change besides the pimple sizes

Week 2 May 20th

SO MUCH BETTER! I have tan indian skin so I scar fast or hyperpigmentation happens easily. I still have the scars but I do feel they already are diminishing!! However, doing this regimen, No new pimples. I feel two tiny ones coming in but they feel very small and controlled. Lets see tomorrow morning. I am bout to put on the retin-a and go to bed soon. I will post pictures of my progress soon!

SOME TIPS that have helped me

* Don't overdo it, let your face heal!! and don't stress this affects the healing process and causes more pimples.

* Drink lots of water and i mean lots lots lots

* Stay away from food that can cause inflammation such as coffee, alcohol, sugar, soda, processed junk food and non-organic milk. I think organic milk is better but limit milk intake in general it is known to cause more mucus which could affect your immune system. Instead, eat more berries, fruits, veggies, greek yougurt and high protein food. Start eating almonds, avocados, things proven to give you healthier skin.

* Exercise! just how water detoxes all the toxins and bacteria so does working out and doing cardio plus you will be less stressed!

* Change your pillow sheets once a week

* Do not wear makeup like foundation unless it is non-comedogenic like neutrogena.

* Stay positive!

I will keep updated once a week to let everyone know xx

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I'm not sure I agree with waiting 20 minutes before applying clindamycin. I apply it directly after padding my face dry after washing it with plain warm water. I feel there is not need for cleansers really. Less chemicals and the stuff in them barely stays on the face long enough to do any good. The only exceptions are acids and BP.

I am on the exact same regimen except i take 100mg of mino which was twice daily until i cut back. I have gotten my acne under control (knock on wood) partially because of the stressors i was dealing with have resolved. Anyway, I might suggest that you apply clindamycin sooner and BP not as often. BP is only needed to prevent antibiotic resistant bacterial growth. But is not needed daily. I would be worried only if you had been on clindamycin a long time (>6 months). Clindamycin has also been showing to improve the efficacy of retin a.

Just my 2 cents anyway, but if your regimen is working than thats great.

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Hey thanks for this! Yeah I do wait becuase I feel I need to let my skin dry and naturally heal but I guess I can start applying right after washing. I just feel since you wash your face away and strip all the oils your skin is more vulnerable. I mean they say never to put Retin A right after you wash I would expect the same for other ingredients. Really apprecaite your comments and support. Let me know how your regimen is going too!!


My skin is improving so much. Little by little no more blemishes I got one or two new ones in the past week but nothing significant. Using BP during the day does help control my oily face but I do not use too much only a very thin layer then I moisturize. I am running out of the clindamycin swabs probably because I am also using them when I need to extract which I regret doing but sometimes its needed especially when the puss is coming out on its own!! The swabs help clean and disinfect but I am running out and I have to wait one week for another prescription

The Retin A has caused peeling but not considerably noticeable.

Will update in the next week!

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Its been a month since I updated.

I went to a dermatologist (before I was seeing a family doctor) who seemed to be very qualified and an expert in acne. I feel a derm has people coming in about acne (and skin cancer) more than anything else! I felt he has seen my case over a million times.

First of first, he asked if I wanted to start Accutane in which he gave a whole speech about how I need to get blood tests, go on birth control, and many other factors that I felt was not needed. My acne is mild a little to moderate when I have the stubborn cysts but I don't want to start accutane just yet!!! Its only been a month since i have been trying to solve this problem....WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF ACCUTANE?

After, I denied the idea of going on something that would essentially internally change the way my cells act The Derm suggested I should try:

Tazorac .1% cream (synthetic retin-a) 1x at night

Aczone 2x a day

Doxycycline 100mg 2x a day ( i finished my first course of only two weeks and he decided to put me on this for a month)

Aczone: I have read a lot of scientific papers on this and it is really an interesting chemical that everyone should read into. I feel this medicine really reduces the size of my stubborn zits- its an antimicrobial and helps from your skin to reaching that crazy inflammation red that causes a pimple...I wouldn't say its preventive but it reduces the size fast!! Try it if you can.

Tazorac cream: so far so good. at first I thought it was to oily compared to the retin a microsphere but within 4 days my hyper pigmentation was greatly reduced! I wouldn't say its all gone. My right cheek is way better and less acne than the left.

Doxycycline: not a fan I dont like antibiotics but I understand this is a systematic approach and i need to solve my problem internally rather piling on topical creams.

DIET: still changing the way i eat drinking more green tea, less diary, more veggies and trying to really cut out anything bad. its really hard since summer time is all about BBQ. also trying to keep stress at bay.

PROGRESS: So far so good. My left side was really bad a month ago and even a week ago after my new regimen that my derm prescribed the chin and jawline on both sides have greatly decreased!! I still have some stubborn problems for instance I felt a pimple coming and put aczone and at night tazorac the pimple never came to head and decreased but its still 5 days and its still there! I have to be patient I guess these are the only two stubborn pimples everything else is clear and the scars are healing.

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