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Should I Continue Seeing The Derm?

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As of now my medications are

  • Doxycycline(Doryx) 200mg, half a pill a day
  • dapssone gel(Aczone) 2.5 %
  • adaplene() .01%
  • hydrocortisone .05%

ive been on the doxycycline for almost 6 months. I got the initial breakout as usual and went away after 2 months. I heard people say by months 3 they were clear or say an improvement but by that time I was was still as bas as I started, it was then that I was prescribed the gels and creams above for inflammation and scarring. I know that they take a while to work atleast 3 motnhs but they have made my skin worse. and I feel that my body is no longer taking the doxycycline and is now used to it. I keep breaking out in cyst under my chin and cheeks. I have litrally tried everything before and nothing worked. the only thing that did was minocycline but as soon as I went down mgs I broke out again. but during those 3 months I was clear. my acnewas never this bad when I wasn't on meds and I was wondering should I just go and stop taking everything since nothing has worked and made everything worse?

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