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Rosacea Rhinophyma

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Hello i am not sure if i am in the correct section. But please bare with me. I am deeply depressed with nose. I never realized how big it was it doesnt match my face at all. Today i was reading about rosacea and how it can cause excessive tissue in the nose makinh it look bigger than usual, when i was yung i had a very small nose, now it is just out there. THE QUESTION IS are the pictures yu guys are about to see really rosacea ? My nose has enlarged pores and purple around it, also thickend skin as mentioned above, i am only 20years old/ MALE, cud this be possible becus i certainly think it is. Jus look at its puffy bumpy skin on the nose, if so what shud i do? Co2 laser? Will microderma help? Exucse my grammer postin thru





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