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5 Years Of Struggle - How I Cleared My Skin

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Hi guys and gals :D
During darkest times of my life reading in this forum helped me bunch. Everyone around had such great skins and I felt hopeless and alone until I found this site. So I made this account to give back. I now have clear skin and want to share what changed. This is a long story but please read through. I am convinced this may help you with skin and mentally.
• How my face was
My acne started when I was 13. It was also when I started to get facial oils & I then thought it was the main cause. First It was spots here and there but by the time I was 17 it was really bad. My face was covered with inflamed pimples. I remember squeezing fully ripe ones in a gentle and sterile manner and 5 new ones forming overnight. It was a vicious cycle. To make things worse I even had cysts on chin, jaw line and forehead. And of course, the good old red and brown marks. In a word, I felt like I was cursed to be never loved again. Even by myself.
• What I tried before
Tried everything. Literally everything. From asian herbal therapy to western lasers and pills. Thousands of dollars were spent on products, and dermatologists but nothing worked. I even took accutane but it only dried up my skin and still gave me acne. That was when I knew oil wasn't the main cause. I was willing to do anything, even sell my soul for a clear skin.
• What changed
One day I sat by my bed depressed as ever thinking about how unfair things were. I spent a lot of time in toilet daily; washing gently with foam, toning then moisturizing. I had to sleep like a block of wood facing up. Afraid that my face might touch the sheets and get germs. I had to escape to toilet every hour to check how bad it looks. I literally babied my skin and it was still an ungrateful shit.
Then I remembered going skiing with my friends & staying overnight in resort. I saw how my friends had no such care for their skin. No such face wash routine. Just splashing with water in shower. They constantly touched their face, smoked and drank. All the big no no's in my dictionary. But they all had clear skin. It was so unfair! That was when I knew my skin wasn't bad because I didn't try hard enough.
So I said to my skin "screw you, you're on your own. I gonna live my life." So I did what I wanted to do not being held back by my acne.
- started smoking
- drink alcohol with mates
- eat whatever I want
- wash my face with just water in shower. no moisturizer. no products.
- go out, being active and fun again
six months passed and here I am. I rarely get new spots and they go away on their own. my skin is now healed so it's nice and smooth. Skin tone is even and I look great! plus past scars and marks are now faded.
I think two things helped my skin.
First is smoking. I know, I know. It sounds opposite to what we know but I am really convinced. My best friend with worse acne started smoking with me and he's skin now looks great. I did some digging and found out that cigarettes are anti-inflammatory. That may be the reason. Keep in mind that I didn't start smoking knowing this will help my skin. I honestly thought it would get worse.
Second is washing only with water in shower and no other products. Think of when we were young. We only washed with water and had great skin. Yes you may get oil now and so do I. But washing with water seems to irritate skin less and have it produce less oil. It took me about two weeks for my skin to adapt and produce less oil. Plus I tried foam cleanser few weeks back and immediately got few spots day after. So I stick to water wash. Two times a day.
It's up to you to decide what may work for you. These are my story and may not apply to you. I wanted to live carefree and changed my lifestyle thinking acne will get worse. But it cleared up! I am really happy now because I live freely and that also keeps acne at bay. I remember the days when I thought going to bed without routine would be end of the world. Now I do it all the time :D Anyway this is my story & if you are hopeless like I was why not give it a shot. (Smoking is bad for overall health & my theory may not apply to you. Please don't start with objective of keeping acne clear)

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