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hello I need help very bad ive been trying to find this out for years and I always looked for someone to ask this question so I can see the answer but nobody has ever asked. I got prescribed retin a and hydroquinone 4 percent and I used retin a for a year I am acne free but I have so much hyperpigmation and acne scars it looks like I still have acne. I never used the hydroquinone when it was prescribed because I never knew how I though that if applied to normal skin it will lighten as well so it is pointless but long story short I have little sunspots and acnescars and hyperpigmation everywhere on my face then there and spots in between that are clearskin imagine someone with freakles how do they apply hydroquinone because it is impossible to put direcly on scars without getting normal skin and its so much everywhere I know im missing spots so do I just apply to whole face and it will just work on spots or will it lighten my whole face and leave me with lighter skin and dark spots idk what to do is there a chemical in hydroquinone that just attacks darks spots even when applied to normal skin or what how do someone with spots all over use this I cant pin point every mark I just know my skin is uneven and I need help thank you

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